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DustyTape - Go Slow

DustyTape Go Slow

'Go Slow' is a traditional shout from the Caribbean islands. You hear it on the sea side as an echo of your quick footsteps if you are one of those urban weary beasts. The locals, not only the rastas, makes fun of you, there is no way to hurry up after all… At some point that's what we want to shout to the world. Go Slow, consume less, think global, grab happiness from every tiny things like sunbathing or good music, or both.
Note : this is the third in a series of ten 'Paris DJs Summer 2013 Special' mixes with audio mastering by Grant Phabao and illustration by Ben Hito.

DustyTape Go Slow
DustyTape - Go Slow
A poppy and bright musical journey for your summer 2013 - selected by B2V
(MP3 Podcast on 2013-07-30

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Tracklisting :
01. Ainslie Wills - Stop Pulling The String
(from 'You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine' album, 2013 / Gaga Digi) AUSTRALIA
A good blend of fatness and elegance, that should work night like day. info | buy
02. Fats Gaines Band Presents Zorina - For Your Love (Neil Diablo Edit)
(from 'Edits' 12 inch, 2012 / Kat) USA/UK
Oulala! Instant hit ! After the second time you listen to it you are hooked like a barracuda on a piece of juicy tuna ! Probably the sexiest piece of music in my Itunes... info | buy
03. DJ Czarny/Tas - Dreaming At The Surface feat. AB and Marek Pędziwiatr
(from 'Time To Build' album, 2013 / self-released) POLAND
Laid-back and soulful tune that will fit your lazy afternoon naps. info | buy
04. Riva Starr - Detox Blues feat. Rssll
(from 'Hand In Hand' album, 2013 / Snatch!) ITALY/UK
Some very shiny music that can handle a good 95F°. Without forgetting our wish : this summer will be detox delight! gimme some of that carrot-cactus juice! info | buy
05. Jaimeo Brown feat. JD Allen, Chris Sholar - Power of God
(from 'Transcendence' album, 2013 / Motéma Music) USA
Gimme a deep piano like this every sunday and I will never miss one mass ! As a taste of mighty Dollar Brand. info
06. Wild Belle - June
(from 'Isles' album, 2013 / Columbia) USA
Sand = barefoot. Sun = enjoy. Summer = reggae ! Boooya!! info | buy
07. Mop Mop - Kamakumba
(from 'Isle Of Magic' album, 2013 / Agogo) ITALY/GERMANY
Some kind of trippy jazzy afro worldish fat funky groovy tune. Long life to Kamakumba! info | buy
08. George Maple - OPST
(from 'OPST' free download, 2013 / Annie Mac Free Music Monday) AUSTRALIA/UK
A very fluffy atmosphere for your moments in between… info
09. Valerie June - Workin' Woman Blues
(from 'Pushin' Against A Stone' album, 2013 / Sunday Best Recordings ) USA
Valerie June has 10lbs of hair and the double in talent. She sings with guts, she is beautiful and she is touring the world those days. info | buy
10. String Driven Thing - To Know You Is To Love You
(from 'Please Mind Your Head' album, 1974 / Charisma) UK
After a good old internet digging, I have been listening to the entire album since two weeks and feel so grateful to all the bloggers who post such gems. info | buy
11. Youssoupha - Les Disques De Mon Père (Feat. Tabu Ley Rochereau)
(from 'Noir Désir' album, 2012 / Bomayé Musik) CONGO/FRANCE
A soulful tribute to the old school by french congolese rapper Youssoupha. info
12. De Frank - Wonya Asem A Hwan Na Obeka
(from 'Baby Don't Play Me Wayo' album, 1970s / Ride Away) GHANA
Obscure afro masterpiece and surely one of the most beautiful piece of music I know. info
Total time : 47mn 01s

Big Up / Shout Out / Toi Même tu sais!
Phabao Djouls. Lolo Benamax, Nuff Ced, Renaud DJ Prez, Phil Grelat. Lopato. La Liste.
Staycalm crew. Mixtape Riot. Club Cortez. Blundetto. Loik. GilbR. Chonga.
Bumble Bzz. Le Mouching French Touch Fishing. Tanguy M
And all my crazy funky friends who lives for the love of music !

Original cover artworks :

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by DustyTape (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

Links :
DustyTape : blogspot | lemouching
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Ben Hito : official | discogs | facebook



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