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Doctor L - Wisdom Of Life (2CD, Comet, 2014)

Having launched a label with Doctor L a few years back (Colored-Inc.), on which we released together 16 albums of in a bit more than a year, I'm not suprised by the quality and amount of music he's putting out these days. 'Wisdom Of Life' is the closing part of a trilogy that started with 'We Got Lost' (one of the best albums of 2012) followed the next year by 'The Great Depression' (one of the best albums of 2013). As with the previous records, this is unique and deeply masterful, but this time the dose is doubled: two CDs, 33 tunes and still this trippy, unclassifiable electro-jazz-rock-world-dub thang that you won't find anywhere else!! Pure genius. Maybe I'm a little biased though cos' I love the man and most of the guests are friends...

Doctor L Wisdom Of Life
Doctor L - Wisdom Of Life
(2CD) Comet Records 63, 2014-08-25

Tracklisting CD1 :
01. Black Letters 4:58
02. Like Words 4:57
03. My Thing feat. Dom Farkas 4:37
04. Strange Days 4:15
05. Suabala feat. Le Cube 5:11
06. Yello Bright Tune feat. Nathalie Loriot 5:01
07. Bitoumbate feat. Le Cube 5:07
08. Killing With Your Mind 4:38
09. Ememimo feat. Le Cube & Tie (Ngima Sarr) 4:22
10. Life Inside A Mike feat. Mike Ladd 4:29
11. Kadissa feat. Guimba Kouyate 5:07
12. Brookin feat. Le Cube 5:21
13. Running feat. Alan Conway & Antoine Berjeaut 6:19
14. Dirty Hands 4:37
15. Nanzela feat. Le Cube 5:18
16. Eleven 4:48

Tracklisting CD2 :
01. 10 Years Have Gone By feat. Dom Farkas & Jean-Phi Darie 4:27
02. Want 2B A Rock Star feat. Dom Farkas 5:39
03. A Hole In Your Soul feat. Dom Farkas 4:41
04. Politicaly Incorrect feat. Kiala Nzavtounga 4:25
05. Don't Tell feat. Asha & Jî Drû 5:14
06. Dead Man Face feat. Dom Farkas 3:35
07. Side Walk feat. Dom Farkas 2:19
08. Here On Hearth feat. Alan Conway, David Videau, T-time Hugenel & Antoine Berjeaut 5:18
09. Moving On feat. Dom Farkas 2:47
10. Just A Working Day feat. Dom Farkas 4:58
11. Broken Toy feat. Alan Conway 6:05
12. Nadilanguela feat. Kiala Nzavtounga 5:20
13. Leaking World 4:56
14. Nothing Can Save Us feat. Dom Farkas 4:55
15. Sun Light 3:50
16. Kids & TV feat. Nil & Oona Farrell 6:06
17. Bonus - Hippy Kids 3:38

Links :
Buy on junodownload or bandcamp
Doctor L : discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | wikipedia (fr) | youtube

Press Release :
Sound activist for twenty-five years, DOCTOR L goes through musical galaxies as an incandescent comet, still fusioning. From the 80’s Punk Rock to Hip-Hop (with the French crew Assassin), from the start of Electronica to the rebirth of the International Afro-beat… As a testimony, the album cover of "Wisdom Of Life", the third of a trilogy of meticulously crafted records, is a sepia and psychedelic picture conceived and designed by Doctor L. Depending on the tune, he can be found on electric guitar, percussion, or synth bass. But also working on the image, photography, production of his clips… Self-taught, conceptual hacker, predator for references, trans-continental DJ, Doctor L, aka Liam Farrell is a complete artist. Second child in a family of boys, son of an Irish painter and a libertarian British art critic, he was born in Dublin in 1968, he grows up between France and Ireland, heart of the notion of resistance. "Ireland is the only European country to have made a contemporary experience of colonization, assimilation", he insists, ensuring that this is what initially drove him to the black American culture, then African music: a question of meaning basically.



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