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Deep Schrott - One / Plays Dylan & Eisler

Deep Schrott OneDeep Schrott Plays Dylan and Eisler
Deep Schrott - One / Plays Dylan & Eisler
(CDs/Digital) Poise Records, 2010-03-12 / 2012-02-03

Labelled as the first and only bass saxophone quartet in the universe, Deep Schrott are amazing indeed. Forget everything you ever heard about wind or brass ensembles. Here's the Real Heavy Metal!, do they write on their website. Their debut album from 2010, One gathers absolutely unique takes on Fleetwood Mac's Oh Well, The Beatles's Helter Skelter, a medley of King Crimson compositions, Slipknot's Left Behind, Led Zeppelin's Black Dog and Stairway To Heaven and finally Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head. Enough reasons to buy this CD asap in our humble opinion... and we won't miss playing some of those in upcoming Molesting Laura mixes! It was high time to write a few words about this band since they've just released a second (live) album, Plays Dylan & Eisler, with no less than 9 Bob Dylan covers. This is our discovery of the month, we never heard anything like this before, something between classical jazz, mainstream pop and heavy brass earthquakes!

Deep Schrott One
Deep Schrott - One / Plays Dylan & Eisler
(CD/Digital) Poise Records, 2010-03-12

Tracklisting :
01. Cultural Value 4:03
02. Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac - Arr. Kaiser) 2:42
03. That's Right 2:13
04. Helter Skelter (Beatles - Arr. Kaiser) 2:13
05. The Brand New 4:18
06. Sweet Neo Schrott 3:41
07. King Crimson Medley (Arr. Klare) 7:11
08. Nice Lines, Man 3:12
09. Thick Description 4:32
10. Left Behind (Slipknot - Arr. Klare) 3:59
11. Fire 2:32
12. Black Dog (Led Zeppelin - Arr. Kaling) 3:45
13. Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Kylie Minogue - Arr. Raulf) 3:43
14. When You Think Of Me 2:30
15. Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin - Arr. Raulf) 4:13

Deep Schrott Plays Dylan and Eisler
Deep Schrott - One / Plays Dylan & Eisler
(CD/Digital) Poise Records, 2012-02-03

Tracklisting :
01. Mr. Tambourine Man (arr. Kaiser) 1:05
02. Like A Rolling Stone (arr. Raulf) 3:44
03. Ballad of a Thin Man (arr. Kaling) 3:38
04. I Want You (arr. Raulf) 3:00
05. Blowing in the Wind (arr. Kaling) 3:52
06. Lay Lady Lay (arr. Klare) 4:26
07. Just Like a Woman (arr. Kaiser) 4:59
08. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (arr. Raulf) 2:44
09. Rainy Day Women (arr. Kaiser) 4:02
10. Lob des Kommunismus 2:11
11. An den kleinen Radioapparat 2:16
12. Die freie Wirtschaft 1:21
13. Das Vielleicht-Lied 2:01

Credits :
Andreas Kaling : bass saxophone

Wollie Kaiser : bass saxophone

Jan Klare : bass saxophone

Dirk Raulf : bass saxophone

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"Helter Skelter" Beatles played by DEEP SCHROTT bass sax quartet

CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD (Kylie Minogue) by Bass Sax Quartet DEEP SCHROTT


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