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Daedelus - For Withered Friends / Touchtone

Daedelus For Withered FriendsDaedelus Touchtone
Daedelus - For Withered Friends / Touchtone
(7"/12"/Digital) Ninja Tune ZEN12225/ZEN7225, 2008-11-24

Check the Pixies-styled The Death Set pop-grunge cover of "For Withered Friends" - really surprising! Also worthy are the Kipsy remix of "Touchstone", electro-R'n'B going crazy, and the Thavius Beck heavily psyched-up remix of the same track.

Daedelus For Withered Friends
Daedelus - For Withered Friends
(7"/Digital) Ninja Tune ZEN7225, 2008-11-24

Tracklisting 7" :
A1. For Withered Friends
B1. Far Weathered Friends (The Death Set Cover Version)

Daedelus Touchtone
Daedelus - For Withered Friends / Touchtone
(12"/Digital) Ninja Tune ZEN12225, 2008-11-24

Tracklisting 12" :
A2. Touchtone (Kypski Remix)
B1. Touchtone (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
B2. Fair Weather Friends (The Death Set Reset)
B3. Touchtone (Thavius Beck Remix)

Tracklisting download :
01. For Withered Friends (feat. Michael Johnson)
02. Far Weathered Friends (The Death Set Cover Version)
03. Fair Weather Friends (The Death Set Reset)
04. Touchtone
05. Touchtone (Kypski Remix)
06. Touchtone (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
07. Touchtone (Thavius Beck Remix)
08. Touchtone (Album Instrumental)

Links :

Press Release :
In which our sideburned hero returns and shows us the many and marvellous facets of his two tunes, "Fair Weather Friends" and "Touchtone". And also his love of wordplay and the finely crafted pun.

"For Withered Friends" features the voice of the marvellous Michael Johnson, coming on like the lost love god of glacial eighties pop. You may remember him from "Make It So" off Daedelus' album, but rest assured, you will be hearing much more from him soon.

"Far Weathered Friends" is the Death Set's take on the Daedelus original - a cover version which kicks out the jams whilst channeling the Pixies. A short, ecstatic blast, bizarrely it emphasises the melodic strength of the original. Not content with one complete re-work, the Death Set also come up with an electro mix of the original.

Then it's on into "Touchtone," featuring the rapping talents of Paperboy and Taz. Jimmy Edgar strips out the original's psych-rock drones and takes it into slowjam territory. Kypski speeds things up and Neptunes it all to the max. Thavius Beck slathers the drums in reverb and manages to double up tempos, throw in arcade symphonies and make a miniature epic.

So there you have it - a five track 12", a two track 7" or a nine track download. However you want it, Daedelus continues to prove that he is the dandy that know.


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