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DJ Kanadakaosz from The Qualitons - Hungarobeat

DJ KanadaKaosz Hungarobeat
DJ KanadaKaosz - Hungarobeat
File under Magyar Kislemezek / Beat / Kommy-Garage / Socio-Rock / Rhythm And Blues
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-05-19

You might remember Tobias Kirmayer's label Tramp Records, and especially the fantastic Hungarian jazz, funk and afro from The Qualitons, a Budapest collective assembled by DJ/producer Kanadakaosz, inspired by bands such as The Whitefield Brothers... Their 2010 album, Panoramic Tymes, is an incendiary blend of funk, afro, 60's beat and garage rock grooves, mostly intrumental with a couple of vocal tunes, which we cannot advise you enough to buy it on vinyl before it's sold out! After a first introductory mix, DJ Kanadakaosz is back with this amazing mix of vintage Hungarian Psybeat from the 60s and the 70s - you've never heard this before!!

Hungarobeat - Introduction by Kanadakáosz
This mix was made to show you a special part of Hungarian dance music in the 60's.

You have to know that, after the trauma of the fallen revolution in 1956, the political situation made a really controlled and censored cultural scene. But miraculously, at the beginning of the 60's most of the young and permitted amateur bands were playing western dance music only, such as Johnny and the Hurricanes, Fats Domino, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, but not any self-created music in Hungarian.

These bands were popularly called "Luxy" or "Copy" bands because all of their repertoire were based on the actual top 20 of the legendary Luxemburg radio. The pieces were recorded illegally on tape, and played in "Tape recorders club" and shown to the bands how and what to play. The whole dance music scene was based on the traditional dance school event at weekends and took place at a few universities dining rooms, called 5 o'clock dance (until 10pm).There was always a competition which band plays better a version of the actual top song from Luxemburg radio.

Around 1965 everything changed with the new leadership of the Hungarian record company Qualiton. They forced these bands to make as much music as the western mates made to youngsters, and published many 7s EPs with this music. (It's a strange fact that there is no listing of all the releases of 7 inches in Hungary!)

This compilation is about these years, when the Hungarian rock-beat scene started...

But shortly afterwards in the 70's another era started when some of these bands were banned and censored again and also the jazz-rock became stronger when came the 80's ... but that's another story!
DJ Kanadakaosz, 2011

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Tracklisting :
01. Neményi Béla És Az Atlantisz - Holnap Délután Ötkor
02. Demjén Ferenc És A Meteor - Kivánj Te Is Nekem Szép Jóéjszakát
03. Magay Clemetina És Az Echo - Te Sem Tudhatod Előre
04. Pásztor László És A Neoton - A Télből Tavasz Lett
05. Echo - Nem Születtem Vagánynak
06. Illés - Menekülés
07. Neményi Béla, Sankó László És Az Atlantisz - Aladdin
08. Mátray Zsuzsa És A Liversing - Könyörögni Nem Fogok
09. Somló Tamás És Az Omega - Nem Szeretlek
10. Frenreisz Károly És A Metró - Felmásztam Egy Jó Nagy Fára
11. Neményi Béla És Az Atlantisz - Kínai Fal
12. Omega - Kiabálj, Énekelj
13. Kovács Kati És Az Illés - Többé Ne Telefonálj
14. Koncz Zsuzsa, Harmónia Vokál És A Liversing - Jaj, Mi Lesz Velem Ezután
15. Pápay Faragó László És A Sirius - Így Mulat Egy Beates Magyar Úr
16. The Qualitons - Menyasszonytánc (Wed-Dance)

Note : track 16 from The Qualitons is unreleased, exclusive to this mix.

Original Cover Artworks :

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by Dj Kanadakaosz from The Qualitons
Links : official site | facebook | soundcloud | The Qualitons on myspace | Budapest BrakeCsokkerz on myspace | parisdjs
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls ( using a flyer by Lobot who also does all Qualitons artwork except for the amazing logo

Some compilations with hungarian music :
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And another compilation : Well Hung - Funk Rock Eruptions From Beneath Communist Hungary
Funky and Disco : Funkytown, Budapest: 1st Hungarian Funk Compilation From the 70s and Discocity, Budapest: 1st Hungarian Disco Compilation from the 70's and 80's

Films about this period with a lot of unreleased music :

Extázis 7-től 10-ig (Extasy from 7pm to 10pm)

Ezek a fiatalok (These youngsters)

Szép leányok ne sírjatok! (Don't cry, pretty girls!)

or just a concert detail :

A longer review about this period : or this from page 9:


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