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DJ Format - Statement of Intent - out on Project Blue Book Records

DJ Format Statement of Intent
DJ Format - Statement of Intent
(CD/2LP) Project Blue Book Records 2012-02-27

The new DJ Format album is coming out on Feb 27th but it's already been playing on repeat @ Paris DJs for a few weeks! The man is one of the most interesting and groovy DJs from the England, fresh, funky and shining like none other on the island. With his friend Simon James, DJ Format has released as The Simonsound in may 2010 an astounding album, Reverse Engineering, and if you slept on this one it's high time waking up! We deeply wanted to host a Simonsound mix on Paris DJs, but since Format was in between albums, preparing this Statement of Intent, we finally agreed on publishing a DJ Format & The Simonsound mix, blending psychedelic and electric records with a hip hop spirit. 6.000 people downloaded the mix and we hope they'll be at least as many to buy the vinyl (or the CD if there's no vinyl, or the digital release if you don't mind paying for owning nothing). Anyway now's the time for the DJ Format album and both old school b-boys and psychedelic music nerds will be more than pleased. This is really heavy shit, and with many guests: The Simonsound, of course, Sureshot La Rock, Edan, Mr Lif, Nostalgia 77, Beta Hector... Prized choices for us in this orgasmic collection of music are the two Simonsound collaborations, the retro-futuristic psyched-up breakbeats of Battle of The Planets and the party-people-ready Beyond disco which we'll be spinning very very soon in our monthly Bag of Goodies mix, and the over-groovy James Brown-esque Horse Power.

DJ Format Statement of Intent
DJ Format - Statement of Intent
(CD/2LP) Project Blue Book Records 2012-02-27

Dope Pusher - DJ Format (feat. Sureshot La Rock) by dj format

MR DJ - DJ Format feat. Sureshot La Rock by dj format

Tracklisting :
01. Statement Of Intent (Sureshot La Rock)
02. Spaceship Earth (Edan)
03. Copper Canyons
04. Beyond Disco (The Simonsound)
05. A Quick Ego Trip (Sureshot La Rock)
06. Dope Pusher (Sureshot La Rock)
07. Battle Of The Planets (The Simonsound)
08. Terror (Mr Lif)
09. Notes In Quotation (The Nostalgia 77 Quintet)
10. Live At The Place To Be (Phill Most Chill & Sureshot La Rock)
11. Horse Power
12. Mayor Of A Ghost Town
13. Remember.. (Sureshot La Rock)
14. Mr DJ (Sureshot La Rock)
15. The Long Goodbye (The Nostalgia 77 Quintet)

DJ Format has a brand new website up at and published last october a superb mix credited to DJ Format & The Simonsound on Paris DJs.

More Links :
DJ Format : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | wikipedia | youtube
The Simonsound : official (1) | official (2) | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | podcast | soundcloud | tumblr | twitter | youtube

DJ Format-Statement Of Intent-Album Sampler Video

Press Release :
DJ Format is back.. and this is his STATEMENT OF INTENT! The album boasts vocal collaborations with the likes of EDAN, MR LIF, PHILL MOST CHILL and SURESHOT LA ROCK as well as musical collaborations with THE NOSTALGIA 77 QUINTET and THE SIMONSOUND. The music ranges from Old School Rap to Psychedelic Rock and more than ever before reveals Format's wide and varied musical influences beyond Hip Hop and Funk.

Statement.. sees Format exploring Jazz & Blues with Nostalgia 77,Spaced-out electronic B-boy jams with The Simonsound, as well as making room for some of his own trademark instrumentals. Edan makes a rare guest appearance and totally blows minds on 'Spaceship Earth', a futuristic Psych-Rap monster at 139bpm! Sureshot La Rock is heavily featured throughout and commands the mic on 6 tracks including 'Live At The Place To Be', an incredible duet with veteran Phill Most Chill, and Mr Lif drops by and gets furious on 'Terror'.

Format's last album was back in 2005 and since then he's released various mix CD's including Fabriclive 27 and Fania DJ Series. He’s also formed The Simonsound, with old friend Simon James, as an outlet for their love of music for Film & TV and vintage electronics. Their debut album 'Reverse Engineering' was heavily championed by Gilles Peterson and DJ Spinna and also received massive support in the B-boy community, prompting Format and James to record 2 more songs with B-boys very much in mind. Format decided to include those songs on 'Statement..' as a way of bridging the different projects.The outcome is superb and Format's statement is complete.

Available as deluxe limited edition heavyweight double vinyl, CD & download.


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