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DJ Food - One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World

DJ Food One Mans Weird Is Another Mans World
DJ Food - One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World
(12"/Download) Ninja Tune ZEN12232/ZENDNLS232, 2009-07-06

"First of 3 EPs over the next year with an album this time next year on CD and download only. Vinyl will be the EPs only but versions on the CD album will be different as well and some tracks will not be included with extra new ones on the album etc. The first EP will have between 4 and 6 tracks, depending on how many I can fit on a disc. If they don't all fit on i'll either keep some for the album or have them as extra downloads." (Source : Strictly Kev, via e-mail)

DJ Food One Mans Weird Is Another Mans World
DJ Food - One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World
(12"/Download/Promo CD) Ninja Tune ZEN12232/ZENDNLS232/ZENCDS232P, 2009-07-06

DJ Food - 'One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World' (Promo) by Ninja Tune

Tracklisting 12" :
A1. The Illectrik Hoax feat. Natural Self
A2. extract from Stolen Moments
A3. All Covered In Darkness (Parts 1 & 2)
B1. A Trick Of The Ear
B2. Colours Beyond Colours

Tracklisting promo CD & Download :
01. The Illectrik Hoax feat. Natural Self
02. extract from Stolen Moments
03. All Covered In Darkness (Parts 1 & 2)
04. A Trick Of The Ear
05. Colours Beyond Colours
06. Tricky Little Ears (The Cheech Wizard Pays Respect To All Living Creatures Who Inhabit Dark Places) remix by Bundy K Brown

Links :

DJ Food One Mans Weird Is Another Mans World

Press Release :
Shall we get the inevitable out of the way before we proceed?
The 'who is DJ Food' question?

After people thought it was one person and we told them that it wasn't - that it was a collective studio project - ironically it has boiled down to one person - Strictly Kev.
You can see the Food project evolving in stages:
The Jazz breaks series by Coldcut and PC from 90-95 was Mk 1,
Recipe For Disaster through to Kaleidoscope was Mk 2 - PC and Kev
and Mk 3 has been Kev since 2002.

The last new music was the Quadraplex EP in 2001 give or take a few remixes and compilation tracks. So what has he been doing for those years then?

DJing: He re-scored the Monkees' cult psychedelic film 'Head' as a live 3 deck DJ mix and toured it until 2004. Raiding the 20th Century, a history of the cut up that started off as a radio mix, blew up into a monster download on the web. Journalist, ex-Art of Noise schemer and all round cultural critic Paul Morley got involved, reading extracts from his 'Words and Music' book over it too. Two official mix CDs with PC and DK in 2001 and 2007 and then a big 20 year anniversary archive retrieval of classic shows to celebrate 2 decades of the Broadest Beats in 2008. Regular mixes for the weekly Solid Steel show and residencies at club nights in London and Bristol as well as worldwide DJ tours. He spent most of 2008 learning about video alongside DK in order to roadtest Serato's new video plug in and the pair now have a 4 deck 'video turntablism' DJ set under their belt, sharing bills with Hexstatic and Eclectic Method.

Graphic design: For Ninja and others, from the Ninja logo you all know to sleeves for Amon Tobin, The Cinematic Orchestra and DJ Vadim. Posters, flyers, T-shirts, you name it, he's designed it. The fake KLF website with images supposedly from a forthcoming film with an embedded mix 'soundtrack'. The KLF's Jimi Cauty was so impressed he wanted to use some of the images for his own project.

Crate digging: He's had a bit of a thing for uncovering old unreleased material, first Ninja issued the Sesame Street classic 'Pinball Number Count' (1,2,3,4,5... 6,7,8,9,10...11,12!) after Kev went digging through their archives. Then, a lost psyche surf pop album was unearthed after licensing a track from West Coast group The Dragons in the form of B.F.I. He also contributed to both installments of Otis Fodder's 365 Days project, an year long daily blog of weird and wonderful musical oddities from the depth of selected DJ's collections. In the eight years between records he's found so many new (and old) records it seems like everything has been heading towards this release as he slowly collects material from his many different??

So, what about the music?
At last, the first EP is here with another two to follow before forming the bulk of an album next Spring, tentativety titled 'Stolen Moments'.
One Man's Weird Is Another Man's World is a 5 Track 12" with over 30 minutes of new music and a poster cover drawn by 2000ad comic artist Henry Flint.

Track breakdown
The Illectrik Hoax features Nathaniel Pearn aka Natural Self aka one half of The Broken Keys in a role he's not normally known for - vocalist. Kev approached him after hearing an uncredited vocalist on two Broken Keys tracks which turned out to be Nathaniel's first forays into singing.

extract from Stolen Moments is the first of several variations on a theme that will run through the forthcoming album of the same name. Co-written with PC and seeing the light of day in remixed form after being shelved at the last minute for the Kaleidoscope album.

All Covered In Darkness Part 1 hosts guest appearances - in sample form - from two artists previously associated with DJ Food. Ken Nordine should need no introduction, he provides the verses whilst the harmonies of The Dragons fill the choruses. The good Dr. Rubberfunk joins in on drums to glue the whole thing together and then freq's out on Part 2 as things get heavy.

A Trick Of The Ear
A 13 and half minute polyrhythmic percussion epic mixed by ex Tortoise member Bundy K Brown who also provides a remix with an epic title to match. Headphone music based on circular rhythms aimed at the head rather than the feet.

Colours Beyond Colours
Meditations on colours from far out in space, looking back through the Kaleidoscope.


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