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Cultures of Soul Are Molesting Laura

Cultures of Soul are Molesting Laura

When we stumbled upon the World's Funkiest Covers compilation just released on US label Cultures of Soul Records, we exclaimed: "Damn! Those cats have really been Molesting Laura the Paris DJs way!!". Their selection, available on CD and glorious vinyl, carefully selected by DJ Deano Sounds, features indeed some of the funkiest covers from around the world and throughout time, from deep funk to latin soul, hard salsa, soul, afro beat, and even cumbia. We couldn't pass on the opportunity to invite the label to do a special Molesting Laura mix and they nailed it for real!! Enjoy these 30 minutes from the crazy world of covers (one of our favorites in the music universe).

Cultures of Soul are Molesting Laura
Cultures of Soul Are Molesting Laura
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-11-22

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Tracklisting :
01. Merrilee Rush - Reach Out
(The Four Tops cover, from 'Reach Out/Love Street' 7 inch, 1969 / AGP Records)
02. Johnny Jones And The King Casuals - Purple Haze
(Jimi Hendrix cover, from 'Purple Haze/Horsing Around' 7 inch, 1968 / Brunswick)
03. St. Vincent's Supersound Latinaires Orchestra - Hot Pants (I'm Comin')
(James Brown cover, from 'St. Vincent's Latinaires Supersound Orchestra' album, 1972 / Soufrière)
04. Mighty Mo And The Winchester 7 - The Next Message
(Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five cover, from 'The Next Message' 7 inch, 2007 / Peace St.)
05. The Neapolitans - Crosstown Traffic
(Jimi Hendrix cover, from 'Crosstown Traffic' 7 inch, 2005 / Acid Jazz)
06. El Klan - La Ruleta De La Vida (Spinning Wheel)
(Blood, Sweat & Tears cover, from 'Fiesta Hippie' album, 1969 / RCA)
07. Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra - I Turn My Camera On
(Spoon cover, from 'Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra' album, 2011 / self-released)
08. Bobby Bryant - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
(George Harrison cover, from 'Earth Dance' album, 1969 / Pacific Jazz)
09. The Soul Finders - Dead End Street
(Lou Rawls cover, from 'Sweet Soul Music' album, 1967 / RCA)
Total time : 33mn15s

Note : tracks 02, 04 & 07 are also available on the World's Funkiest Covers compilation just released on Cultures of Soul Records

Original record covers :

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by Deano Sounds / Cultures of Soul
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls with the help of Nicolas Tamisier

Cultures of Soul Records : official | bigcartel | blogspot | discogs | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter Paris DJs : official | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube


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Sco Sco ·  23 November 2011, 11:41

Poor Laura! She's really covered all over...

Evan Evan ·  09 July 2012, 11:02

This is a great mix - which I dug out after rediscovering the Molesting Laura Again series. But what's that last killer organ tune after Bobby Bryant - not listed? I love it!

Djouls Djouls ·  11 July 2012, 16:00

Hi Evan. Last track is The Soul Finders "Dead End Street", a Lou Rawls cover. Thanks for pointing the missing piece out, we've corrected!

Evan Evan ·  18 July 2012, 23:00

Thanks for following up. I'm tuned for more. And btw, the work on your covers/artwork is outstanding, beautiful & always improving. Anyone who tries to knock up some artwork knows it's not as easy as it might seem. Keep it coming too.

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