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Clutchy Hopkins - Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz - Selected by Colored-Inc.

Clutchy Hopkins Psychedelic Hip Hop Funk and Jazz
Clutchy Hopkins - Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz - Selected by Colored-Inc.
(MP3 Podcast on 2010-09-13

Clutchy Hopkins has released 8 albums in the last 5 years but his (their?) identity remains a mystery. We got in touch with his first label Crate Diggler Records in january 2009 in order to license a track for the It's The New Hip Hop Thing compilation... Then we recently been contacted by someone from the Clutchy Hopkins Organization who jumped on our proposal to do a special Clutchy Hopkins mix on Paris DJs. But no concrete info leaked, so let's focus on the music: hard to describe, it's blending funk, jazz, hip hop, psychedelia in a groovy cinematic whole that's quite unique... and we're quite sure you're gonna love it!

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Tracklisting :
01. Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Full Moon
(from 'Clutch Of The Tiger' album, 2008 / Ubiquity)
02. Clutchy Hopkins - Light As A Feather
(from 'The Story Teller' album, 2010 / Ubiquity)
03. Clutchy Hopkins - Nightshade feat. Fat Albert Einstein
(exclusive track from, 2010)
04. Clutchy Hopkins - Giraffe Crack
(from 'The Story Teller' album, 2010 / Ubiquity)
05. Misled Children - 2:59
(from 'Peoples Market' album)
06. Clutchy Hopkins - 3:02
(from 'The Life of Clutchy Hopkins' album, 2005 / Crate Digglers)
07. Clutchy Hopkins - Love Of A Women feat. Darondo
(from 'Walking Backwards' album, 2008 / Ubiquity)
08. MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins - Air
(from 'MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins' 12 inch, 2006 / Bootleg)
09. The Misled Children And Odean Pope - Foregone
(from 'The Misled Children Meet Odean Pope' album, 2008 / Porter)
10. Ohmega Watts - Eyes And Ears (Clutchy Hopkins Remix)
(from 'Eyes & Ears' digital single, 2008 / Ubiquity)
11. Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin - Riff Raff Rollin
(from 'Music Is My Medicine' album, 2009 / Ubiquity)
12. Alice Russell - All Alone (DJ Day Meets Clutchy Hopkins Remix)
(from 'Pot Of Gold Remixes' compilation, 2009 / Little Poppet)
13. Clutchy Hopkins & Shawn Lee - Ancient Chinese Secret
(from 'Fascinating Fingers' album, 2009 / Ubiquity)
14. Exile - In Love (Clutchy Hopkins Remix)
(from 'Radio AM/FM' compilation, 2010 / Plug Research)

Original cover artworks :

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by Grant Phabao and Djouls / Colored-Inc. (
Audio Mastering by Grant Phabao ( |
Artwork layout by Djouls ( using a painting from Thabeat Valera (

Clutchy Hopkins Discography :
200? - C.H. - Full Moon Breaks (tape)
2004 - Misled Children - Peoples Market (album)
2005 - Clutchy Hopkins - The Life Of Clutchy Hopkins (album)
2005 - MF Doom Meets Clutchy Hopkins... (EP)
2006 - Sleepers Never Dig, Diggers Never Sleep (mixtape)
2008 - Clutchy Hopkins - Walking Backwards (album)
2008 - The Misled Children Meet Odean Pope (album)
2008 - Ohmega Watts - Eyes And Ears (Clutchy Hopkins Mix Instrumental)
2008 - Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Clutch Of The Tiger (album)
2009 - Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin - Music Is My Medicine (album)
2009 - Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Fascinating Fingers (album)
2009 - Clutchy Hopkins - 23 Methadon (In The First Place, Does Digital Harinezumi Dream compilation)
2009 - Alice Russell - All Alone (DJ Day Meets Clutchy Hopkins Remix)
2010 - Clutchy Hopkins - The Story Teller (album)
2010 - Cluthy Hopkins - Nightshade (w_Fat Albert Einstein) (Clutchy free exclusive track)
2010 - Exile - In Love (Clutchy Hopkins Remix)

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The Clutchy Hopkins Organization The Clutchy Hopkins Organization ·  14 September 2010, 11:16

Bonjour, disciples of Clutchy,

Our funky French friends, the hip-hop geniuses at ParisDJs, have assembled a beautiful 30-minute mix of Clutchy's best tunes. Clutchy's tracks are mixed together seamlessly, and ParisDJs pull cuts from all his records, remixes, and collaborations. The whole thing is free to download -- click here to check out ParisDJ's Clutchy page, or just right-click this link to grab the MP3.

Also, some exciting news for those of yall who purchased a limited-edition hand-illustrated LP -- your orders are ON THE WAY (sorry for the long wait)! Prepare yourself, cause these album covers are works of art. Clutchy has hand-crafted each one differently using oil paint, watercolor, marker, pencil, and collage. They are DOPE, and you can get a sneak peek of them here on our website We only have a few left in stock; grab one if you still can.

In other Clutchy news, Mr. Hopkins was honored to have his interpretation of Exile's "In Love" included on his recent remix album "AM/FM". The whole record is full of sweet remixes. Click here to snag a download from Amazon.

Thanks for your support...keep sending good vibes. Clutchy says Peace.

The Clutchy Hopkins Organization

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DUB SUGAR DUB SUGAR ·  14 September 2010, 18:35

hmmmmmm miam miam yummy yummy sounds GOOD ! as allways 'round here....!
thanx & big up to Grand Fab & Djoolz

pedro pedro ·  15 September 2010, 14:19

merci pour tous ces mixes, vraiment du super boulot!

cristalo cristalo ·  18 September 2010, 18:31

J'en profite pour mettre en lien le mix que j'ai fait en février 2010 :

big up !


JeanSaintJean JeanSaintJean ·  21 September 2010, 08:39

Please... MORE !!!

Matt Matt ·  01 November 2010, 16:50

Absolutely amazing, so glad I discovered this site, tons of good stuff on here.

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