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Carlos Niño & Friends – High With A Little Help From

Carlos Nino High With A Little Help From
Carlos Niño & Friends – High With A Little Help From
(CD/LP) Kindred Spirits KS 027, 2009-11-16

Carlos Niño's latest electro accoustic work, a beautiful album on a ambient / Life Force Trio tip. sublime stuff....

Produced by Carlos Niño, the man behind AMMONCONTACT, WHAT'S THE SCIENCE, BUILD AN ARK and many other projects.

Carlos Nino High With A Little Help From
Carlos Niño & Friends – High With A Little Help From
(CD/LP) Kindred Spirits KS 027, 2009-11-16

Tracklisting :
01. Thursday, August 9, 2007
02. 9 Moons Full
03. With Azul
04. Ants and Elephants
05. Aquarius (Rough Mix)
06. Lonely Joined By Happy
07. Rosarito / Creative Cries
08. Friends
09. 9 Moons Return
10. Rabbit Island
11. Wonder Wheel (Bonus Track for CD)

Links :

Press Release :
HIGH WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM started production after the completion of The Life Force Trio LIVING ROOM. It was then, in early 2006, that Carlos Nino got to work on new tracks with members of Build An Ark and his other ensembles (including The Life Force Trio).

Over the last couple years, he kept a collection of these pieces, knowing that they were comprising a whole idea that he wanted to express. One of the main things that HWALHF features, is samples from a variety of live and studio recordings he made. The concept, that the source of many of these works, was based on moments captured from sessions for other projects, was very interesting to him.

Known for his work as a producer of artists and bands such as Dwight Trible, Gaby Hernandez, Mia Doi Todd, Hu Vibrational, La Voz Sabia De Los Cosmos, and The Sound Of L.A., Nino is no stranger to sample based music, and has been highly acclaimed around the world for being the driving musical force behind Ammoncontact and What's The Science?.

On High With A Little Help From, he shows the continuum of his work as an organizer, producer, arranger, composer, and musician by mixing it all up into one hearty stew. With African rhythms, ambient, experimental and funk based electronic sounds, string arrangements, freak flag flying folk flavors, improvisational soul‐jazz, and cinematic score cues, Nino has woven a masterful quilt of influence and inspiration. It is here that the collage of his very active mind gets to bloom, cohesive, as a record, and that is wonderful thing!


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