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Burnt Friedman - Bokoboko - out on Nonplace Records

Burnt Friedman Bokoboko
Burnt Friedman - Bokoboko
(CD/2LP/Digital) Nonplace NON33, 2012-02-03

You won't find any of the 4 exclusive tracks from the Zen' Aku 12 inch released last summer in this new album, but you'll get 10 new instrumentals, recorded and mixed in Burnt Friedman's Berlin studio during the past three years. The sound is mesmerizing, with prepared oil barrels/steel drums, all kinds of wood and metal percussion, gongs, monochord, a home-made rubber-band guitar, organ, synthesizer, electric guitar and some appearances of wind instruments, bass and sarod, a traditional Indian string instrument. The music itself is hard to describe, the only comparisons that comes to mind are from Burnt Friedman's previous albums with Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit, this entirely instrumental recording is so hard to pinpoint to existing genres of music, it literally fits its 'Nonplace' label! This is jazz, world music, krautrock, with a 21st Century Sun Ra spirit. Try it if you're looking for something different.

Burnt Friedman Bokoboko
Burnt Friedman - Bokoboko
(CD/2LP/Digital) Nonplace NON33, 2012-02-03

burnt friedman - bokoboko (album preview) by experimedia

Tracklisting :
01. Rimuse 2 (2:28) *
02. Uzu (9:25)
03. Deku No Bo (3:17)
04. Sendou (4:49)
05. Totan Yane (3:16)
06. Tom Tom Keppo (3:16)
07. Mura (4:43)
08. Bokoboko (3:50)
09. Rimuse 3 (5:46)
10. Memai (6:24)
* CD-only track not available in the 2LP version

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Burnt Friedman - Memai (unofficial video)


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