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Brad Barr (The Slip) - the Fall Apartment

Brad Barr The Fall Apartment
Brad Barr - The Fall Apartment - Instrumental Guitar
(CD) Tompkins Square, 2008-09-16

Solo album from the guitarist of The Slip - one of the coolest pop/jazz trio out there you've never heard about, even though they've released 8 fantastic albums since 1997. Brad Barr goes acoustic and intimate, americana and jazz, with hints of gypsy influence. He even manages to jam alone on an instrumental cover of Nirvana's 'Heart-Shaped Box'!

Brad Barr The Fall Apartment
Brad Barr - The Fall Apartment - Instrumental Guitar
(CD) Tompkins Square, 2008-09-16

Tracklisting :
01. Sarah Through The Wall 2:20
02. Bouba's Bounce 5:52
03. Maria La O 3:33
04. Still Shiver 3:15
05. War 6:00
06. Heart Shaped Box 6:15
07. Newst Flurries 4:27 | Download MP3
08. Gin Gin 3:26
09. Chopstick 2:20
10. Do I Have To Understand That ? 3:30
11. Seranetta 3:10

Links :

Press Release :
Tompkins Square label will release guitarist Brad Barr's solo debut, The Fall Apartment: Instrumental Guitar, on September 16th, 2008.

Brad will be opening for Sonya Kitchell this fall.

As a member of Northeast-based band The Slip, Brad's guitar prowess has always been notable, but his true gifts and distinct musical voice are on full display throughout this solo guitar album. A heady set of original compositions is complimented by such diverse covers as "Maria La O" by legendary Cuban musician Ernesto Lecuona, Kurt Cobain's "Heart Shaped Box," and Le Trio Ferret's "Gin Gin." The introspective tone of the album recalls such overlooked loner guitar gems as Lenny Breau's Cabin Fever or Richard Crandell's The Flower of Our Youth, whilst staking out a thoroughly modern approach to solo guitar here in the late '00's.

Some kind of-ography :
I had always imagined someone else would be writing this, say, years after the fact. Someone would do the research, you know, interview my kindergarten teachers and classmates, talk to the folks at Matt Murphy's pub, old landlords, mom and dad, ex-girlfriends, dig through old journals, demand access to hard drives and safety deposit boxes... really get to the bottom of this guy... What made him tick? What secrets did he have? Was he deeply troubled by something, something that pushed him to write this enigmatic music, rife with contradiction and open to debate? What made him smile? Who was Rosebud?

But here I sit, going over the details... started on piano at age six (complying with mom, taking bribes, etc.), got first guitar at 11 (thought to himself, "Guitarist look like they're having more fun up there"), played rock tunes with brother Andrew Barr ("Johnny B. Goode", "Highway to Hell", "Summer of 69", and, of course, "Wipe out"). Went through a hair band phase in the late 80's (saw Skid Row, LA Guns, AC/DC 3x (which I am still proud of), Motley Crue, but not Poison... that is, not until their reunion tour around 2000). This led to headier music like Led Zeppelin, Cream, Aerosmith, Bread, The Grateful Dead, and Phish (met Trey Anastasio at guitar camp in 1992, instructed me to "turn left"). Had really embraced jazz music by about 17, the vibrance/darkness of it, and all its mysterious characters with mysterious names (Monk, Mingus, Coltrane, Ayler, Pharoah, Bird, Bags, Roach, Gillespie). It became a treasure hunt, and I can honestly say that throughout the 90's, I rarely, if ever, listened to music made after 1978 (with the exception of some local music and a few noteworthy guitarists) .

By the mid-90's, The Slip was head first into the first half of our career. Believing we were reinventing the guitar trio, fusing jazz and rock in a way that allowed each other freedom and space, we covered the US with our tracks, leaving no stone unturned, both musically and geographically. Met many people, saw many places... were invited to play Japan several times, as well as some legendary festivals like Newport Jazz fest and Bonneroo. Along the way, we met our dear friend Nathan Moore, whom I was immediately... intimidated by. But his writing style, the deceptive simplicity, the charm and humor, and the undeniably genuine truth he expressed warmed every part of me, of us, and we knew we had a lifelong friend and collaborator on our hands. Surprise Me Mr. Davis was born in a snowstorm in Boston while we were on lockdown in our home/studio. Some of you know the story, but it really was out of the blue and entirely un-self-concious. I suppose that's why it works, and why we love it so much. Check out the Mr. Davis MySpace page if you haven't already.

As time goes on, I'm still interested in seeing how far we can stretch the trio setting. I'm also interested in sounds, songs, larger groups, smaller groups, and ways to blend the abstract with the familiar, seeking the mysterious and all routes that lead to the unknown... I love the trio, and especially the two guys I've come up with, Marc and Andrew. One could not ask for two finer musicians/gentlemen to have the fortune of playing with. Their compassion is great, and their ears are enormous. We've been lucky to have shared such a vision, and ride it out through all its twists. It has been my education both as a musician and a person dealing everything life throws at you.

On my own, which I am quite a bit these days since I moved into my own apartment in Montreal, I find myself writing either instrumental music for solo guitar in a classical/folk/improv/gnawa style hybrid, or singing songs about love, loss, wine, youth, getting older, and nonsense. This will be a productive year, with 3 records (The Slip, Surprise Me, and a solo record) due out shortly. I am glad to have this forum to talk with you all... please drop in anytime.


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