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Black Uhuru - Love Crisis / Black Sounds Of Freedom

Black Uhuru Black Sounds Of Freedom Love Crisis
Black Uhuru - Black Sounds Of Freedom (Deluxe Edition)
(2xCD) Greensleeves, 2009-08-28

The first line-up of Black Uhuru was Garth Dennis, Don Carlos, and Derrick "Duckie" Simpson. The group has undergone several lineup changes: Carlos left, replaced by Michael Rose; then Dennis left to play with the Wailing Souls, and was replaced by Errol Nelson, alias Errol Wilson, who left the band after their first album to concentrate on his own band, The Jays (who recorded a new album with Grant Phabao to be released on T.I.M.E.C. very soon). During this early period, the band's most famous recording is the album entitled Love Crisis, later re-released (with overdubs) as Black Sounds Of Freedom.

Black Uhuru Black Sounds Of Freedom Love Crisis
Black Uhuru - Black Sounds Of Freedom (Deluxe Edition)
(2xCD) Greensleeves, 2009-08-28

Tracklisting CD1 (overdubbed album + bonus tracks) :
01. I Love King Selassie
02. Satan Army Band
03. Time To Unite
04. Natural Mystic
05. Eden Out Deh
06. Love Crisis
07. African Love
08. Hard Ground
09. Willow Tree
10. Sorry For The Man
11. Eden Dub
12. Mystic Mix
13. His Imperial Majesty
14. Weeping Willow
15. Bad Girls Dub
16. Tonight Is The Night
17. Firehouse Special
18. African Culture
19. Crisis Dub
20. Sound Man Style

Tracklisting CD2 (original album + bonus tracks) :
01. Crisis For Love
02. Stan Army Band
03. Tonight Is The Night To Unite
04. Eden Out Deh
05. Sorry For The Man
06. I Love King Selassie
07. Natural Mystic
08. Hard Ground
09. African Love
10. Willow Tree
11. King Of All Time feat. U Black
12. Crocodile Style feat. U Black
13. Love You Girl feat. U Black

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Black Uhuru Love Crisis

Info :
Black Uhuru were the most successful act from Jamaica besides Bob Marley. They had an enormous cross-over success duirng the early to mid 80ies and were the first reggae act to win a Grammy.

Formed in Waterhouse it was only right and proper that Black Uhuru would lay their foundations at Jammys. "Love Crisis" originally released in 1977 in the UK on Count Shelley's Third World imprint was remixed by Jammy in 1981 as "Black Sounds Of Freedom" at the height of Black Uhuru's popularity. Both versions are included on this deluxe edition along with the crucial Prince Jammy dub mix along with three crucial DeeJay cuts from legendary Kingston 11 microphone man U Black. Years ahead of its time "Love Crisis" / "Black Sounds Of Freedom" represents the first major step of one of the most talented and influential vocal groups to ever come out of Jamaica.

Black Uhuru Love Crisis


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