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Bio Ritmo - La Verdad - out on Electric Cowbell Records

Bio Ritmo La Verdad
Bio Ritmo - La Verdad
(CD/LP) Electric Cowbell/Fatbeats, 2011-08-30

La Verdad, the new album from the Salsa for the people band from Richmond, Virginia, Bio Ritmo, will be released September 20th on Electric Cowbell Records on 12" vinyl and CD, marking the band's 20 year anniversary. Unfortunately, they will not be coming to Paris, but only to play in DAX at the Festival Toros y Salsa (Sept 9th thru 11th)… if you're around, we strongly suggest to check them out. This band is one of the most interesting ones in salsa these days. They manage to blend their old school sauce with the creativity of today's indie-rock movement - incorporating sections of samba, cinematic soul, afrobeat breaks or mambo jazz into their slinky salsa dura (hard salsa from the 70's). Definitively one of the latins band to watch!

Bio Ritmo La Verdad
Bio Ritmo - La Verdad
(CD/LP) Electric Cowbell/Fatbeats, 2011-08-30


Tracklisting :
01. La Verdad 6:39
02. Dina's Mambo 4:08
03. La Muralla 4:33
04. Carnaval 4:27
05. Verguenza 4:50 06. Majadero 4:41
07. Caravana Del Vejigante 3:09
08. Lola's Dilemma 7:12
09. Dina's Mambo (E's E Remix) 4:25 *
* bonus track - E's E of GRC / NYCTrust

All songs, arrangements and lyrics by Bio Ritmo & Rei Alvarez, except Carnaval (Original song by Rafael Cortijo from the album Time Machine - Coco Records)
Recorded by Lance Kohler at Minimum Wage - Richmond, VA
Mixed by Aaron Levinson (Spanish Harlem Orchestra) and Brian Ritrovato at Range Records - Philadelphia, PA

Links :
Bio Ritmo : official | bandcamp | facebook | myspace | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Electric Cowbell Records : official | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter

Band Members :
Rei Alvarez : Voz, Guiro
Giustino Riccio: Timbal, Coro
Hector Barez: Conga
Michael Montañez: Bongo
Bob Miller: Trumpet, Synth, Coro
Mark Ingraham: Trumpet
JC Kuhl: Tenor & Bari Sax
Toby Whitaker: Trombone
Marlysse Simmons: Piano, Organs
Eddie Prendergast: Amazing Bas

Press Release :
Indie-Latin Dance Grooves. Vocal and instrumental tracks. Percussion driven, heavy horns accompanied by vintage keys (Rhodes, Farfsisa), piano, electric bass and touch of synths. A tornado of sound combining the rawness of 70's style salsa with the creative touch of indie-rock minded musicians. Internationally recognized as the leading innovators of the post-salsa movement for the past 20 years! Picking up where Fania left off in the 1970s. Bonus track includes remix of instrumental "Dina's Mambo" by E's E (GRC, NYCTrust).

About Bio Ritmo: The 10-member band was formed 20 years ago this September originally as a percussion ensemble brought together by two misplaced Puerto Ricans who met at art school combined with a local punk rock drummer. Their inspiration comes not only comes from studying and listening to the salsa masters like, El Gran Combo, Roberto Roena, Sonora Ponceña and Bobby Valentin, but also bands like The Who, Thomas Dolby, Stereolab, Buzzcocks, Roots Radics and arabic singer Abdel Halim Hafez. Lead singer Rei Alvarez, a native of Ponce, Puerto Rico, is the lead singer, composer, and one of the original founders. All visuals are hand crafted by him, playing off of cultural themes expressions.

"They play unmistakably, with the attitude of '70s salsa dura. but the conventionality stops there. With a roster that includes former rastas, punks, rockers, and jazzistas, Bio Ritmo can't help but bring an exhilarating unorthodoxy to its music.." - WNYC
"Classy mass of pulsating rhythm." - VILLAGE VOICE
"Unmistakeably danceable" - MONTREAL MIRROR

Biography :
"Bio Ritmo is a one of a kind phenomenon in today's hard-bitten indie Salsa world - a band with both a healthy adventurous streak and a solid underpinning of authentic sabor criollo. In a rather hostile environment that makes playing this type of music more a labor of love and endeavor of pure artistic expression than a simply commercial endeavor, Bio Ritmo continue to delight and amaze with both their talent and longevity, consistently pushing the envelope, tearing down walls between categories and defying pigeonholes.

While it may have been more commonplace in the 70s, you won't find too many tropical Latin bands today that combine traits seemingly at odds with each other and the mainstream marketplace: original, edgy and experimental on the one hand, and steeped in classic salsa dura chops on the other. How does this translate for the dancers and consumers of Bio Ritmo's oeuvre? A chance to both expand the mind and move the body, with a product that exists on both a spiritual and a carnal level. This is a role that traditional ritual communal music and dance has historically played in Africa and its New World Diaspora, but that gets co-opted pretty much any time the capitalists sniff money and decide to step in and call the shots. Luckily, the band themselves are controlling their own destiny, and with contributions and support from like-minded people like mixers Aaron Levinson and Brian Ritrovato, engineer Lance Kohler, and the folks at Electric Cowbell, their new 45 is a case in point for why Bio Ritmo is a treasure to cherish as well as a fetish for setting your next fiesta in motion. They always “keep it real” - nothing artificial or enhanced - and with their latest 45rmp released by Electric Cowbell records what you get is unadulterated creativity but still within the context of recognizable Cuban and Puerto-Rican roots based forms. Add to that the always excellent cover art by the band's talented vocalist and frequent song composer Rei Alvarez, and you have a very worthy addition to the group's already impressive catalog."

by Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead


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