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Binario - Binario

Binario - Binario
Far Out Recordings (CD) FAR0135, 2008-11-24

"As a Brazilian band with a strong mix of rock, electro, jazz and funk it is easy to draw comparisons with Tropicalia"

Binario - Binario
Far Out Recordings (CD) FAR0135, 2008-11-24

Tracklisting :
01. Funeral
02. Amor Liquido
03. Balinha
04. LKJ
05. Jazzhole
06. Diretriz
07. Ibirapuera
08. Tarde Demais
09. Experimental (Catnip)
10. Vamanda
11. DDP
12. E Ai Galera Voltei

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Press Release :
Formed in early 2002 by Lucas Vasconcellos (electric guitar and piano) and Bernardo Palmeira (drums and vocal) the addition of five new members Bruno DiLullo (electric bass), Fabio Lima (electric guitar) alongside Rafael Rocha (drums), Eduardo Manso (electric guitar, piano) and Estevão Casé (synthesizer, piano) has allowed the collective to create an album sounding like nothing you have ever heard - the two drummers creating dense grooves for the swirling guitars and synths to twist around. As a Brazilian band with a strong mix of rock, electro, jazz and funk it is easy to draw comparisons with Tropicalia; indeed Binario site Gilberto Gil and Caetano as influences. Their experimental approach and interest in subverting frequency, harmony and groove is behind their love of Radiohead, Tortoise, Velvet Underground, Can, Kraftwerk, Zappa and Miles Davis.

The foreboding instrumental opener 'Funeral' veers closer to the dark underworld of heavy rock than the sun drenched bossa beaches of Rio with Zepplin-esque swirling stadium guitars, crashing symbols and metronomic bass lines. An epic opener that seamlessly flows in to 'Amor Liquido' where lead vocal Lucas Vasconcellos brings his battle ready, rhythmical rapping in to a futuristic soundscape filled with paranoid synth bleeps and bounding guitars. The album has a restless, driven and global quality - rare in the traditions of laid back Brazilian vibes – that should make Binario a Brazilian export success to rival CSS.

Constantly pushing instrumental and electro sample boundaries and interspersed with powerful bursts 'Binario' bends your mind towards a climax. Standouts come thick at the back end of 'Binario' adding further to the live and improvised feel and providing a three-track encore to what comes before. With a truly addictive warped electro hook 'Vamanda' is the feel good track of this debut long-player, which comes crashing to a glorious close. 'DDP' is a burning, restless electro improv coming in complete with trademark-warped guitars. 'E Ai Gelara Voltei' closes up with a wall of crunching bass and soaring guitars, suddenly stopping and demanding a repeat from start.

As 'Binario' producer David Brinkworth (Harmonic 33) says, "These guys love nothing better than playing, composing and producing music. I can't say I ever heard a cross word spoken between them." Without egos or arguments Binario put down their debut in just five days at Compania Dos Technicos - the old RCA rooms in Copacabana – a studio large enough to set up two drummers, three guitarists, bass and vocals to capture what Joe Davis (Far Out Founder) and Brinkworth had heard on the beach. "We placed all the mics, turned off the lights, lit a couple of strategic candles and just pressed record." A gloriously simple band then yet Binario have made a complex album where the subtleties shine with every listen.
Guillaume Enard

Guillaume Enard

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