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Ben From Corduroy - Fab Guiro!

Ben From Corduroy Fab Guiro
Ben From Corduroy - Fab Guiro
(CD/LP) Unique Records UNIQ149, 2008-11-28

Ben Addison from Corduroy presents songs from The Beatles in a pop, latin, salsa & cuban style.

Ben From Corduroy Fab Guiro
Ben From Corduroy - Fab Guiro
(CD/LP) Unique Records UNIQ149, 2008-11-28

Tracklisting :
01. Got To Get You Into My Life
02. Baby You Can Drive My Car
03. Good Day Sunshine
04. Ob La Di Ob La Da
05. I Feel Fine
06. Come Together
07. All You Need Is Love
08. Taxman
09. Help!
10. Getting Better
11. When I'm Sixty Four
12. With A Little Help From My Friends

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Press Release :
Welcome to 'Fab Guiro!' - the album title is a combination of both the popular british phrase 'Fab Gear' referring to all cool music & lifestyle aspects and issues surrounding the band and also stresses the relation to the percussion instrument 'Guiro' that is an integral instrument, sound and necessity in latin, salsa and especially traditional cuban music. 'Fab Guiro!' is beat music in a fascinating, exotic robe, a drum roll of liverpudlian song pearls. Where the Fab Four work with for example a guitar solo, you will hear a vibe solo on 'Fab Guiro!' and the intense female soul of Majka Edyole, of course with a little spanish accent in her brilliant (english) voice. The spirited lead singer of The Sweet vandals is THE musical figurehead on this album. 'Fab Guiro!' is a latin american beatles songbook, honors the band as 'mozart's of pop' and really tributes to their classic songs - simply because the coversongs treat the originals manifoldly and full of respect!

The interpretations of these beatles tunes do actually gain momentum by partly obsure modalities - so all twelve tunes turn out to be groovy, full of soul and stylish and accord these Lennon / McCartney classics and Harrison's 'Taxman' as new, timeless and post-modern vesture!

Fab Guiro!' has been made with the help and contribution by these fine musicians and bands: Lead-singer Mayka Edyole from The Sweet Vandals (Madrid), the vibes-player Alexander Maczewski & percussionist Kay Vester from the duesseldorf based jazz-outfit Lex Eazy & The Mambo Club - who have re-recorded classic songs from the Unique catalogue already for our 100th release as mambo versions. Further features include the horn section with Martin Garcia & Josue Ciclon Garcia which have played on the most recent albums of Glen Anthony Henry & The Sweet Vandals (Madrid), Corduroy guitar player Scott Addison (London) and duesseldorfs Matt Flores as co-producer and mixing engineer who produces state of the art electronic music for compost black label and combination to name just a few.

Salsa, Cha Cha, cuban styles or native brasilian influences - Ben From Corduroy do not leave any latin genres untouched and work themselves through the amazing colorful variety of that beautiful music throughout 'Fab Guiro!': Hailing from 'Ob La Di, Ob La Da' as a root down studio 1 Ska soundalike to George Harrison's aerial latin hymn of 'Taxman' to the emotional plot of 'Fab Guiro!' and the stunning outcome of 'Help!' - recorded with a Batucada group and just topped with vocals and choirs especially this song appears to have been solely written for this samba event! We are already looking forward to the forthcoming Ben From Corduroy live shows debuting in early 2009 - may 'Fab Guiro!' be with you!


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