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Baeshi Bang - Old School K-Pop Revisited (CD EP, Bruit Chic, 2014)

Sax player and multi-instrumentalistEtienne de la Sayette launches a new project just like you decide to put on a new shirt. We've talked about the ethio jazz of Akalé Wubé many times, but there's also Frix, Gulab Ja Moun, Camarão Orkestra… and for sure many more in preparation. The man just never stops. If he's not touring, he's recording and producing. Baeshi Bang is one of his iconoclastic bands, its point is to rework some tunes from a Korean singer from the 60s, Bae Ho. While going wildly exotic on the repertoire they're playing, the band has a complete freedom to re-arrange the songs in whatever form they want. And the resulting sound is a quite captivating recipe, blending 60s sweet pop, classical sounds, cinematic funk, jazz and rock guitars. Totally unique.

Baeshi Bang Old School K-Pop Revisited
Baeshi Bang - Old School K-Pop Revisited
(CD) Bruit Chic, 2014-09-22

Links :
Baeshi Bang : official | bandcamp | facebook

Press Release :
Baeshi Bang is a quintet which differentiates itself through its instrumentation and repertoire: the group presents an exclusive reworking of Bae Ho’s music, Korean singer from the sixties. It is a new project created by saxophone player Etienne de la Sayette, who has been at the leading helm of several other bands (Akalé Wubé, Frix, Gulab Ja Moun, Human Beings...). He has now directed his attention to a singer who is completely unknown in France but whose music is the perfect mix between the slick sound of the large European pop ensembles of the sixties, and the Korean soul which comes through its unmistakable melodies. To develop this project, Etienne has teamed up with horn player Victor Michaud with whom he shares ideas on research and arrangement. There are different reasons to set up a project dedicated exclusively to this unlikely repertoire. First of all is the musical quality contained within the songs of Bae Ho, and the pleasure it gives to the musicians playing and exposing it to their audience. Secondly, is the opportunity for a challenge: provoke the public with a repertoire that it would have otherwise ignored and, going beyond all exotic pretexts, win over their love and interest through the quality of the musicians’ work and arrangements. Finally, is a case of pushing the creativity of a band to the limit: with such a restricted repertoire as a source, they are able to make fire with all kinds of fuel, have total liberty to reinterpret the music and take it in all diverse directions. Called upon as such, Bae Ho’s spirit is incarnated in a cocktail of vintage jazz, easy listening, free floating sounds, Frisellian impressionism, cheap Chinese tinkering and Zornian explosions.

Line Up :
Etienne de la Sayette: tenor saxophone, flute, electronic organ
Victor Michaud: french cor, electronic organ
François Chesnel: piano
Giani Caserotto: guitar
Stefano Lucchini: drums


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