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Anti-Pop Consortium new album and mix for ParisDJs coming soon

Antipop Consortium
Anti-Pop Consortium - sign to Big Dada Recordings

Antipop Consortium (M. Sayyid, High Priest, Beans, Earl Blaize) will be back with a new album called "Fluorescent Black" to be released on Big Dada Recordings on September, 9th 2009. We met with the band at the beginning of the year when they came to play in France (cool and intense show, really nice guys) and Earl Blaize is supposed to do a special mix for ParisDJs before the summer tour. "This is my objective, sir. I am summoning the powers of the universe to help me to achieve this goal. Summon your own forces to assist me as well!" says Earl... (Artwork shown here is for the upcoming mix).

Antipop Consortium
Anti-Pop Consortium - sign to Big Dada Recordings

Press Release
Big Dada Recordings are proud and pleased to announce that legendary avant-rap group Anti-Pop Consortium have signed a two album deal with the label. Their first album in seven years, "Fluorescent Black," will be released on 09/09/09.

Widely regarded as cutting-edge innovators to a broad spectrum of listeners including b-boy purists, experimental electronic fans and indie rockers, Anti-Pop Consortium's return is major news. The group have been praised for their stream-of consciousness lyrics, their ability to give seemingly unrelated word clusters hidden meaning, and their sonic backdrops that provide the perfect canvas for their lyrical paintings.

Since the album Arrhythmia (2002) was released to critical acclaim on Warp Records, and found them on tour with DJ Shadow and Radiohead among others, the group found it necessary to take a break and work on individual projects. Now they're back stronger than ever. "We needed time to grow and mature as artists individually," a statement from the group says. "Now that we have assessed our strengths and weaknesses, we are ready to re-form stronger and better than we have ever been before. The chemistry that we have together makes for exceptional music. It's time to return."

When Big Dada heard that APC were working on a new record they were keen to get involved. As Will Ashon, founder of the label puts it, "Antipop were one of the groups who were inspiring me when we started the label in the '90s - to have them directly involved is a dream." For their part, the group say that "Big Dada is known for the exceptional and unique artists that populate their label and we are proud to be a part of a musical roster that dares to push the envelope."

Two thirds of "Fluorecent Black" is already in the can and there's a feeling growing that it will be their greatest work yet, a summation of where they've travelled before but also a giant step beyond it. "Our approach to music has always been individualistic," the group say. "As creative musicians, it is our duty to bring our brand of individuality to the world of music."

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loftninja loftninja ·  29 April 2009, 23:27

antipop now has a twitter account:
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