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Anthony Joseph - West Indies Vintage Funk Vol.3

Anthony Joseph West Indies Funk Vol 3

British/Trinidadian poet/musician Anthony Joseph already offered us with 3 exclusive mixes: 'Roots & Influences' (dec. 2008), 'The Rubber Orchestra Paris DJs Mix Part 1' (sept. 2011) and 'Part 2' (dec. 2011). Hot on the heels of his summer tour dates and live album release ('Live In Bremen'), Anthony's back with a superb mix of Voodoo Jazz, the third in the series of 'West Indies Funk' selections after Loik and Djouls' ones (still available here and there)… Expect a lot of cool songs and grooves from Trinidad and more Caribbean islands music!

Anthony Joseph West Indies Funk Vol 3
Anthony Joseph - West Indies Vintage Funk Vol.3 - Voodoo Jazz
(MP3 Podcast on 2013-08-20

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Tracklisting :
01. Ella Andall - Hello Africa (part 1)
(from 'Hello Africa' 12 inch, 1976 / Shorty) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
02. Art De Coteau - Kereika Woman
(from 'Inaugural' LP, 1978 / Abraham) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
03. Lord Nelson - Shango
(from 'Black Gold' album, 1978 / Richie's Music Productions) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
04. King Wellington - Shango
(from 'Sooner Or Later' album, 1977 / Kalinda) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
05. Bro. Resistance - Crucial Decision (Rapso)
(from 'Crucial Decision' 12 inch, 1980s / Network) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
06. Wild Fire - Do Not Climb Picker Tree
(from 'Wild Fire' LP, 1975 / Kala Loo) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
07. Theophilus Homer - So Ungrateful
(from 'Why Can't We Love Each Other' 7 inch, 1978 / Semp)
08. Exile One - Which One Is Me Home?
(from 'Exile One' album, 1974 / Disque Debs) DOMINICA info
09. Claude "Fats" Green Featuring Pritchard - Carib Soul
(from 'Fats Shake 'Em Up' album, 1973 / Camille) PANAMA info
10. Gemini Brass - The Time Is Right Now
(from 'The Time Is Right!' album, 1977 / Gemini) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
11. Kalyan - Trini-Vibes
(from 'Trini-Vibes' album, 1977 / MCA) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
12. Michael Boothman Touch Featuring Charmaine Forde - Waiting For Your Love
(from 'Waiting For Your Love' 12 inch, 1980 / Touch Production) BARBADOS info
13. John John - Soul
(from 'Citagrandson' album, 2013 / Highway) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
14. Beckett - Coming Higher
(from 'Coming Higher' album, 1978 / First River) GRENADINES info
15. Kalyan - Down on Frederick Street
(from 'Volume One - What We Gonna Do Next?' compilation, late 1970s / Village)
16. Lord Superior - White Man Wife
(from 'Calypso @ Dirty Jim's' soundtrack, 2005 / Caribbean Music Group) info
17. Bomber - United States of the West Indies
(from 'Calypso @ Dirty Jim's' soundtrack, 2005 / Caribbean Music Group) info
18. Lord Kitchener - Africa My Home
(from 'Africa My Home' 78, 1952 / Melodisc) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
19. Ella Andall - Elegbara Mo Feran O (fe Ro)
(from 'Moforibale Esu' compilation, 2007 / Ella Andall) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO info
Total time : 66mn 46s

Original cover artworks :

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by Anthony Joseph (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

Links :
Anthony Joseph : official | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | wikipedia | youtube
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Ben Hito : official | discogs | facebook



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