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AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Grant Phabao Remix)

AC DC Let There Be Rock Grant Phabao Remix

Let There Be Rock is an AC/DC classic from 1977. Here's the remodeled Grant Phabao version from 2009 : Light... Sound.. Drums... Guitar... Rock... REGGAE!

AC DC Let There Be Rock Grant Phabao Remix
AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Grant Phabao remix)
(Exclusive MP3 download on 2009-02-07

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Note : DJs may want to contact us for a 256k MP3 version

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pwguy pwguy ·  10 February 2009, 14:48

jesus christ,
strong stuff man!
:-) :-) :-) :-)

kntrl kntrl ·  10 February 2009, 15:14

Keep these coming! Thank you for
these lovely free nuggets! Bless

Robert LE Plant Robert LE Plant "California" ·  11 February 2009, 14:22

Another great production mates...
What's next ?
Can yu tell us when grant phabao is releasing albums ?
Can't wait to see IT on stage

wAxIst Selecta wAxIst Selecta ·  13 February 2009, 00:20

Real good sound Grant Phabao!!!
Are thses rmx pressed on vinyl records or only available on mp3s

Yes, people only playing and buying vinylz still der...

bIG uP

Djouls Djouls ·  17 February 2009, 02:21

The George Clinton is still to be released... The Stevie was apparently pressed at a 100 copies but I haven't seen it anywhere excepted for the copy I've been sent... Erykah and AC/DC, nothing planned on our side - its not official remixes, just free goodies (glad you like 'em!).
Fever 45 is available, 300 copies only. Betino Record Shop and Le Silence de la Rue in Paris have it...

Jon Kennedy Jon Kennedy ·  18 February 2009, 09:20

and needs to be on VINYL !

oliv oliv ·  19 February 2009, 23:52

oughahh oughaggh
Fallait oser, mais pourquoi pas ?

Djouls Djouls ·  09 March 2009, 12:51

Link to this post is :

David David ·  20 April 2009, 15:30

Hi. I'm a DJ based in Nottingham, England - I'd love a hi-res version of let there be rock.


King Megatrip King Megatrip ·  20 April 2009, 15:31

hey man - I LOVE the AC/DC remix!! if it's possible - could you email me a 320kbps version...

I'll definitely be using that in my next mix!

thanks and take care.

Matt / King Megatrip

dj somcharle dj somcharle ·  20 April 2009, 15:33

Please, send me the 256kbps version


DJ Baker DJ Baker ·  20 April 2009, 15:33

can I get the higher quality mp3 please

mustik mustik ·  20 April 2009, 15:43

thanks for the hook-up, that AC/DC remix is ill !!! - will be spinning it crazy...


Alister Johnson a.k.a. DJ Catalist Alister Johnson a.k.a. DJ Catalist ·  20 April 2009, 15:52


Love your mixes , such quality stuff! I would love to have a nice mp3 of the AC/DC mix , where could that be found? I've been playing that Alice Russel / Seven Nation Army track for a while now.. killer.


O-Diggity O-Diggity ·  20 April 2009, 16:07

Hey, I found the AC/DC remix (Let There Be Rock) on Grant Phabao's website and it's dope!! Anyway, I'm a selector in a Sound from Sweden and I would love to get that tune in higher quality so I can play it in the clubs.

Maximum Respect

O-Diggity O-Diggity ·  20 April 2009, 16:51

I found this remix on the Steady B Blog. It's a reggae remix of AC/DCs tune Let There Be Rock. "Shizzle my nizzle, how the funk is that sounding" you may ask yourself. But I'm telling you it's one wicked remix! It's done by french producer Grant Phabao.
Read the complete article on

axel axel ·  11 February 2010, 20:48

Far better than the original. Le solo tout particulièrement. Quel sera le prochain remix? Led Zeppelin serait énorme..

Bannerlog Bannerlog ·  13 March 2010, 20:34


vajin vajin ·  04 June 2010, 02:07

dope! i want this mix desperately! keep going with the good work!

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