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A short interview & blind-test with Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra

Masta Conga Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra
The latest Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra album Last Odyssey is "Sounding like deep and groovy black jazz with a timeless universality", "heavily recommended to all jazz fans who'll peel it off year after year"… Well that was the conclusion of my review but I also had the chance to meet with Masta Conga, percussionist and conductor of the project, ask him a few short questions and get his feedback on a handful of records I've been recently listening to at the Paris DJs studios…

A short interview with Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra

Djouls : If you could watch one person get hit in the nuts with a huckey puck, who would it be?
Masta Conga : Sarkozy. For everything he may represent.

Djouls : First album that you thought rocked ?
Masta Conga : The first Public Enemy, the one where they stand behind bars… I was 14/15 years old at the time, it blew my mind. The hip hop generation, that's my time!

Djouls : You get stuck on a desert island with a small solar ipod, what would you want to have on it ?
Masta Conga : Ideally, I would have all my collection (I only got vinyl), but if I were to choose only one artist, Miles Davis.

Djouls : If you could play with anyone dead or alive who would that be ?
Masta Conga : In absolute terms, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, is there was some room for a percussion player...

Djouls : What was the best and worst of 2012 so far for you ?
Masta Conga : The best for me was the birth of my son - the artist in me would tell you it's my album's release on Ubiquity. Worst was the mixing of my album, I've had a hell of a job doing that - erm not, that was 2011...

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra Last OdysseyAfro Latin Vintage Orchestra Ayodegiafro latin vintage orchestra Definitely Roots

A short blind-test with Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra

01. Brownout - Flaximus
Masta Conga : Not bad at all! Is that American? The bassline is beautiful. Brownout? I should have found it, they have this psyched-up sound that's quite recognizable…

02. Joe Cuba Sextet - Do You Feel It ?
Masta Conga : This is taken from an album called "Bustin' Out", recently reissued by vampisoul. I love it, this is my kind of drug. Deep intrumental, spoken word, its just killer.

03. Kologbo & Afrobeat Academy - Change The System
Masta Conga : Afro-wise, I especially know the old stuff. This is modern, you can hear it from how it's mixed. But the singing is pure roots. Kologbo? I know of him but only heard at Les Frères Smith some tracks of his upcoming album…

04. Los Miticos Del Ritmo - Satta Massa Cumbia
Masta Conga : That makes me think of a guy in reggae who uses this instrument a lot… I don't listen to a lot of dub… This is Quantic?? I only have one or two 12 inches from him… I must admit I mostly listen to Jazz actually.

05. Antibalas - Che Che Cole
Masta Conga : A classic, I have this one! Wait a second, let me remember which label it was released on, I have the 12 inch at home… Yes, I know, Antibalas! Killer song, you need that record!! Cool… Well next time we do a Jazz blind test, eh?



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