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7 Samurai - El Mundo Nuevo

7 Samurai El Mundu Nuevo
7 Samurai - El Mundo Nuevo
(CD/2xLP) Poets Club, 2008-09-15

Tracklisting :
01. Jorge Ben - Sou Da Pesada (7 Samurai Afroraduno Remix)
02. Alessao Vilhoso - Sol De Verao (7 Samurai Remix)
03. Janko Nilovic - Atchicka Boom (7 Samurai Remix)
04. Otoot De Rojas - Choca las Caderas (7 Samurai 'CiucciOtto' Re-Edit)
05. Luca D. Ammonio - Oh, Caro! (7 Samurai Afro Disco Remix)
06. Idea 6 - It Ain't Necessary So (7 Samurai Remix)
07. Mo' Horizons - Kikiriboom (7 Samurai Latin Funk Mix)
08. Andrea Pozza Trio - You Can't Get What You Want (7 Samurai Remix)
09. The Dining Rooms - No Problem (7 Samurai Remix)
10. 7 Samurai - Bluesanova (Tribute To Alfred Pawlin) feat. Stefania (Full Vocal Mix)
11. 7 Samurai - Favela Gyal feat. MC Coppa (Original Mix)
12. 7 Samurai - Jah Music feat. Blue Eyez (Original Mix)
13. Zilverzurf vs. 7 Samurai feat. Desmond Foster - The Moment Is Gone (7 Samurai Disco Reggae Mix)
14. 7 Samurai - Feel The Same feat. Desmond Foster (Original Mix)

Links :
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Discography :

12" singles:
7 SAMURAI: bluesanova (GAMM promo only)
7 SAMURAI: Brothers/ Marlies& Marcus (GAMM; promo only)
7 SAMURAI: M & S (GAMM, promo only)
7 SAMURAI: music (GAMM; promo only)
7 SAMURAI: uptown rankin..(GAMM; promo only)
7 SAMURAI: modernization(GAMM; promo only)
7 SAMURAI: panoptikum rmx E.P. (GAMM; promo only)
7 SAMURAI: Poets Dub EP (poetsclub rec)
7 SAMURAI / Zilverzurf: the moment is gone (Poets Club rec 7”)
7 SAMURAI: Jah music (Poest Club rec 7")

albums :
7 SAMURAI: a luv supreme (CD, promo only)
7 SAMURAI: more luv supreme (CD, promo only)
7 SAMURAI: el mundu nuevo (poets club rec/deja vu/summer 2008)

remixes :
THE DINING ROOMS : no problem (7 Samurai rmx) (Schema)
JORGE BEN: sou da pesada (7 Samurai afro raduno rmx) (Déjà vu)
ZILVERZURF vs. 7 SAMURAI feat. DESMOND FOSTER: the moment is gone (poetsclub)
OTTO DE ROJAS : choca las caderas (7 Samurai rmx) (Deja Vu)
LUCA D..AMMONIO : Oh caron! (7 samurai afro disco rmx) (Deja Vu)
JANKO NILOVIC: atchika boom (7 Samurai rmx) (vadim music)
IDEA 6: it ain..t necessarily so (7Samurai rmx) (deja vu)
ANDREA POZZA TRIO: what you want (7Samurai rmx) (Deja vu)
MO HORIZONS:kikiribboom (7Samurai latin funk rmx)(agogo)
ALESSAO VILHOSO: sol de verao (7Samurai rmx) (Deja vu)

V.A. POETS DUB mixed by 7 Samurai (poetsclub records)
& titles on BRAZILECTRO 8, BREAKS N..BOSSA etc. …


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