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12 solid gold 12s from the Paris DJs private record store

12 prime 12s from the Paris DJs private record store

Hot on the heels of yesterday's 45 picks, here's a quick selection of 12 prime twelve inches from the Paris DJs private records store, solid gold hand-picked for your listening or DJ bag pleasure.

Auntie Flo - The Soniferous Garden

Auntie Flo - The Soniferous Garden (Sofrito Super Singles, 2017)

Sold out by the label rather quickly, this 12 inch sees the Sofrito label exploring 21st century tropical electronics with a mesmerizing effect. Tip!
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs

Bosq - Cant Seem To Hide

Bosq - Can't Seem To Hide (Ubiquity, 2017)

This is a certified funky disco banger, with its Nile Rodgers-style guitar licks and its silky sweet vocals. B-side "Take Me There" is not to be missed either, with its disco diva vocals, bouncing bass and handclaps.
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs

Bro Valentino - Stay Up Zimbabwe

Bro. Valentino - Stay Up Zimbabwe (Analog Africa, 2017)

Two slices of highly danceable calypso-disco from 1979 in Trinidad & Tobago. You will need this in your record bag!
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs

Althea Forrest and Togetherness - Hey Mister

Althea Forrest & Togetherness - Hey Mister (Jamwax, 2016)

Killer reggae-disco from 1976, produced by Derrick Harriott, a few years before the "Uptown Top Ranking" hit. Originally released on Crystal Records, on a 45 only. Compiled and re-edited in 2011 by Al Kent, and in 2014 by Guts.
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs

Robert Helms - Sekele I Like It

Robert Helms - Sekele I Like It (Betino's, 2017)

Besides Paris DJs' one, Betino's is for sure the coolest record store in town. They're also a label putting out tasty 21 inches, the latest of which is a 1980 afro-boogie affair from American vocalist Robert Helms, produced in France by Pierre Jaubert, with a disco/funk piece on the flip ("Feet on the Ground", featured below). It's limited to 700 copies so act fast ! Also, buy it directly from Paris DJs or Betino's, avoid other record stores or you'd be filling the pockets of their distributor who stole a lot of money from us and others.
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs

Ital Foundation - Repatriation

Ital Foundation - Repatriation (Jamwax, 2016)

A deep root reggae anthem from 1980, nearly 11 minutes long, coming from the Bermuda islands, the kind of music to get lost in peacefully.
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs

Orlando Julius - Disco Hi-Life

Orlando Julius - Disco Hi-Life (Hot Casa, 2009)

This killer piece of afro-disco by Nigerian sax player Orlando Julius will never age. Get up before you get down, let's do the disco hi-life everybody!
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs

Kalbata - Al Shark

Kalbata - Al Shark (Fortuna, 2016)

Electronic psychedelics from Tel-Aviv! Would you believe Paris DJs is pushing some Middle Eastern Techno banger? Well we are, cos' this is 21st century voodoo music and we love it.
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs

The Pretenders - Just Be Yourself

The Pretenders - Just Be Yourself (Kon Remix) (Family Groove, 2017)

Re-Edit, from the original Multitrack 2 tapes, of a legendary and highly in demand 1974 Modern Soul track from Pat Tandy's The Pretenders (nothing to do with Chrissie Hynde's ones).
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs

Shadow - D Hardest

Shadow - D'Hardest (Jamwax, 2017)

A 1980 cosmic-soca-disco hit from Trinidad & Tobago, which we deeply encourage you to buy from either Paris DJs or Jamwax directly since their distributor The Pusher (same as Betino's just above) is one to avoid at all costs - those crooks stole thousands from us and we'll never forget.
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs

Shina Williams And His African Percussionists - Agboju Logun

Shina Williams & His African Percussionists - Agb'oju L'ogun (Strut, 2017)

Afro-disco from 1984 Nigeria. Erik Rug, one of the greatest Parisian DJs, would instantly say "I used to hammer this tune many years ago". Pure dancefloor gold indeed, it hasn't aged a bit.
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs

Raja Zahr - Drums Of Lebanon

Raja Zahr - Drums Of Lebanon (Fortuna, 2016)

An insane Middle Eastern experimental disco monster, edited by Psychemagik five years ago, filled with percussion madness and analog synthesisers.
>> Buy the 12" from Paris DJs



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Rico Eagon Rico Eagon ·  01 September 2017, 21:52

Fantastic, terrific web log design and style! How much time have you been writing for?

françois françois ·  08 October 2017, 16:58

super article.

marie marie ·  08 October 2017, 17:26

super article.

Asa Brandel Asa Brandel ·  02 November 2017, 11:56


Sascha Wernicke Sascha Wernicke ·  03 November 2017, 06:48

Krasser Beitrag. Allerdings will ich betonen, dass man sich nicht immer darauf verlassen darf. Realismus ist manchmal besser als Wolkenkuckungsheime.

Sonny Moustafa Sonny Moustafa ·  07 November 2017, 15:56

Where can I buy it?

Paula Wallace Paula Wallace ·  21 November 2017, 14:33

Thanks guys for all the reviews helps us keep up to date with the scene and in touch with what is going on at a local level. Thanks as always.

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