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Physical Releases

The Beta Club Brassa Nova

The Beta Club - Brassa Nova (45/Digital, Cartel Records/Paris DJs, 2014)

The Beta Club is a hub of musicians and producers from all over the world, with headquarters in the UK and antennas in the US & France. 'Brassa Nova' is their scorching first single, released jointly by the Cartel Records and Paris DJs labels on may 6th, on digital and 7 inch vinyl formats. With a broad sweeping theme over busy movements, 'Brassa Nova' is a panoramic sunrise song growing in...

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Kraked Unit Casse-Tete ChinoisSoundtrack

Kraked Unit - Casse-Tête Chinois (Original Soundtrack, 2013)

Loik Dury, co-founder of Paris DJs, and Christophe 'Disco' Minck have just released under their Kraked Unit guise the soundtrack to French filmmaker Cedric Klapisch latest movie Chinese Puzzle (in French Casse-Tête Chinois). Featuring Mike Ladd, Lyrics Born, Lateef, Hugh Coltman, 20syl and Gary Mudbone Cooper, it's a marvelous blend of cinematic & dramatic Soul, Hip Hop and Blues....

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Paris Djs Soundsystem Posters

Record stores wanted to carry Paris DJs posters!

The second poster in the "Paris DJs Soundsystem" series by illustrator Ben Hito is on its way to print and should be ready soon… As for the first one it's a limited run and we're looking for record stores willing to have exclusive access to those amazing prints. The deal we're offering is quite a treat, read on for the details!...

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Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra Ogun

Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra / CSC Funk Band split 45 - an Electric Cowbell/Paris DJs collaboration

With heavy heavy Afrofunk breaks and horns slabs, the dancefloor stormer Ogun by the Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra has already been ravaging the clubbers heads & feets every time it's been tested on the floor. Its funkin' Afro hotness is unmissable and announces amazing new releases from Franck Biyong and Grant Phabao. the duo have been working together for a year now on Franck's upcoming...

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Grant Phabao presents The Jays Dont Sell Your Soul

Grant Phabao & The Jays - Don't Sell Your Soul / Zion Holy Place (7", T.I.M.E.C.)

During the summer of 2009 a strictly limited 7 inch was pressed at 100 copies in Jamaica, released by the T.I.M.E.C. label with their distinctive 'instant collectors' uniqueness. The A-side, Don't Sell Your Soul is a smashing roots reggae monster, with huge vocal harmonies on a deep and burning Grant Phabao riddim, but the gem of the record might be on the B-side, Zion Holy Place, a spiritual...

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Grant Phabao presents The Lone Ranger Fever

Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger - Fever (7", T.I.M.E.C)

"Fever", The new LONE RANGER single produced by Grant Phabao. "For all these years I wanted to do "Fever" and I had to wait until I met Phabao and TIMEC to get it right. It's a combination style of Ranger, singer and deejay. Counteracting styles. Gliding in deejay style. Original 70 deejay style of Lone Ranger, you know." - The Lone Ranger....

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Grant Phabao presents Carlton Livingston Teenager In Love

Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston - Teenager In Love (7", T.I.M.E.C.)

"Teenager In Love" is as sweet as Carlton's soulful reggae can be. It's another instant classic you'll have to hunt down: pressed in Jamaica and released by T.I.M.E.C., it's only available as a 100 copies limited edition 45 - act fast or cry later!...

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Vibrations Its The New Hip Hop Thing

It's The New Hip Hop Thing Volume 1 - Selected by Djouls & Loik (CD, VIBRATIONS)

Hip hop is a culture that's became mainstream. But indie labels and artists still appear and spread everywhere, more than ever. Filled with jazz, funk, soul, rock, samples, scratches, breakbeats, rhymes, "It's the new hip hop thing" is an 2009 snapshot of the kaleidoscopic panorama of current productions. AND it's selected by Djouls & Loik, founders and activists of

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Paris DJs We Like It Old School

Paris DJs - We Like It Old School - 2 new releases!!

2 new singles!! "we released two new 45s"! "you don't say '45' anymore it's CDs you know..." "no, no, I mean it, real 45s, 7 inches!!"...

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carlton livingston lone ranger a message to you rudie grant phabao

Grant Phabao, Lone Ranger, Carlton Livingston - (A Message To You) Rudie (12", T.I.M.E.C.)

Originally penned by DANDY LIVINGSTON in Jamaica, "(MESSAGE TO YOU) RUDIE" became the international hit single everybody knows when THE SPECIALS covered it in 1979 (with ELVIS COSTELLO producing). Now the track gets back to Jamaica with legendary Studio One deejay LONE RANGER and his rub-a-dub partner CARLTON LIVINGSTON. Their version of "(MESSAGE TO YOU) RUDIE" is an instant...

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