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Russian Dolls Night

Loik Dury DJ set - Russian Dolls Night - La Fabrique, Tokyo

Russian Dolls Night - La Fabrique, Tokyo Friday, April, 28th A l'occasion de la sortie du film Les Poupées Russes en mai au Japon, le concept club importé de Paris qui fait sensation à Tokyo, "La Fabrique", invite Loik Dury pour un DJ set ce vendredi 28 Avril. Suivront Rafael (UFO, United Future Organization) - Kojun Kokuba (Galandan, Avex trax) - Youl & Waraba en live (from...

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carlton livingston lone ranger a message to you rudie grant phabao

Grant Phabao, Lone Ranger, Carlton Livingston - (A Message To You) Rudie (12", T.I.M.E.C.)

Originally penned by DANDY LIVINGSTON in Jamaica, "(MESSAGE TO YOU) RUDIE" became the international hit single everybody knows when THE SPECIALS covered it in 1979 (with ELVIS COSTELLO producing). Now the track gets back to Jamaica with legendary Studio One deejay LONE RANGER and his rub-a-dub partner CARLTON LIVINGSTON. Their version of "(MESSAGE TO YOU) RUDIE" is an instant...

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Chronic Sonata Everyday

Chronic Sonata - Everyday (Grant Phabao Remix) - on Everyday 7 inch (Bastard Jazz)

A limited edition dub 7" by a canadian artist Chronic Sonata. A remix from Grant Phabao in france, who's has been keeping busy on the Pro-Zak Trax label and is currently working with The Lone Ranger (the old jamaican vocalist)... Grant Phabao flips "Everyday" into a minimal, sparse dub cut that builds through the track. Naked drums and heavy bass with delayed skanks and vocal...

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Manu Boubli, Soulist & Djouls présentent Ritmico! - à la Cantine du Batofar (Paris)

!RITMICO! Samedi 4 mars 2006 À la cantine du Batofar de 22h à pas d'heure - Entrée libre Manu Boubli (Mind records) Soulist (What The Funk) Djouls (Timec / Paris DJs) Info : La cantoche du Bateau rouge ajoute un plat à son menu. Manu Boubli, fondateur des labels Comet Records et Mind Records, et Soulist, organisateur des soirées What The Funk, se mettent aux fourneaux pour vous servir une formule...

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grant phabao lone ranger kulchaklash

Grant Phabao - Kulchaklash starring Lone Ranger, Ray I, Danny Dread & Simon Diamond

Finally! GRANT PHABAO has travelled from Kingston, Jamaica, to New York, USA, and Paris, France, to unleash this marvelous reggae album featuring the raw talents of LONE RANGER, RAY I, DANNY DREAD & SIMON DIAMOND. Featuring Funky Frenchman, Gregsky, Myster K, Magali Neslot, Felix Niel...

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TIMEC Electronic Bossa and Psychedelic Soul Samba

The Incredible Melting Entertainment Compagnons - Electronic Bossa & Psychedelic Soul Samba (CD, T.I.M.E.C.)

"I see T.I.M.E.C. and their really incredible melting-pot of latinized electronics as the cheesy Ninja Tune of Brazil" (J. Smithson, Professor of Brazilian & Afro-Cuban musicology, Yale University). Everything begun with our national Captain Détendu travelling to Brazil in spring 2002. There he met with the biggest jam pop band from San Pedro, Los Lobes, true international stars who...

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timec time(c) to relax

The Incredible Melting Entertainment Compagnons - Time(c) To Relax (CD, T.I.M.E.C.)

"D'abord je crois qu'il est essentiel que vous vous détendiez"... Dès l'intro le ton est donné, et même si la pochette présente une paire de narines dépassant d'une mer d'une poudre blanche, façon "je suis à bloc de chez bloc, donf de chez donf, même le père noël il s'en met pas autant dans le pif que moi", il ne s'agit en fait que de présenter clairement les choses:...

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TIMEC Noelectro

The Incredible Melting Entertainment Compagnons - Noëlectro - (CD, T.I.M.E.C.)

You can trust me Xmas this year will be funky!! For a fresh look on the gospel word expressed through electro-funk, banghra beats, jingle-jangle electro-jazz and a bit of hip hop on the side... Don't miss Noelectro and its merry christmas electro-jazz grooves!...

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