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Paris DJs Soundsystem Magic Kingdom

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Magic Kingdom Poster

The latest Paris DJs poster has arrived! Totally unannouced, this new magnificent piece of artwork by the one and only Ben Hito has been musically illustrated by a selection of recent instrumental psychedelic groovy 45s. 100% sourced from original vinyl....

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Slow Riders Poster

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Slow Riders Poster

Maybe you haven't heard about it yet, but there's a new musical movement happening worldwide, a revival of the "Lowrider Soul" scene from the 60's with many new, young bands putting out fantastic tunes in that sweet, soulful, Californian vibe. It all started thanks to Big Crown Records in New York, who reissued fantastic laidback soul from Sunny & The Sunliners in 2017. From there on...

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Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra Poster

Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra Poster

Last summer (june 2018), Paris DJs released a monster of an album, featuring some of the best players from the Afro/Funk scene, the project was called the Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra. You can read all about it and give it a listen here.French poster artist Ben Hito, whom with been collaborating with since 2012, designed the album's visuals and its poster artwork variation. We printed 300 copies...

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Paris DJs Tour Operator Magazine 4

Paris DJs Magazine #4 - Nov/Dec 2016

Dans quelques semaines, une fois encore, les six rennes du Père Noël viendront bramer dans vos cheminées. En attendant, nous on bosse comme des dromadaires. Le vieux barbu, qui ne nous a jamais vraiment eu à la bonne ne déposera rien dans nos souliers vernis. Cette année, une fois de plus, nous n'avons pas été très "sages". Il est vrai que, produire et mettre en ligne un nouveau morceau...

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Paris DJs Tour Operator Magazine 3

Paris DJs Magazine #3 - Sept/Oct 2016

Au sommaire de ce numéro #3, une interview de Julien Lebrun, digger, voyageur, producteur de disques et désormais de films avec son label Hot Casa, le chanteur ghanéen Pat Thomas à l'occasion de la sortie de son anthologie 'Coming Home'…...

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Paris DJs Tour Operator Magazine numero 2

Paris DJs Tour Operator Mini-Magazine #2 - July/August 2016

On the pavements of Paris, during this never-ending winter, we had to fight against the cold, the wind and the rain in order to distribute the first issue of the Paris DJs magazine — at concert venues exits, friendly record stores or booksellers, tasteful exhibitions openings, and even at some not-always-that-natural museums. The questions often coming back were: "What's Paris DJs?… Who's...

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Paris DJs Tour Operator Magazine numero 1

Paris DJs Tour Operator Mini-Magazine #1 - May/June 2016

Paris DJs gathers musicians, producers, labels, graphic designers, journalists, record collectors and other idealists of artistic generosity. For years, we've shared for free hundreds of mixes, thousands of reviews of records you don't hear on the radio, interviews…. More  recently, through crowdfunding we've been able to print posters and to press vinyl and CDs. After a few rare appearances in...

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Paris Djs Soundsystem Posters

Record stores wanted to carry Paris DJs posters!

The second poster in the "Paris DJs Soundsystem" series by illustrator Ben Hito is on its way to print and should be ready soon… As for the first one it's a limited run and we're looking for record stores willing to have exclusive access to those amazing prints. The deal we're offering is quite a treat, read on for the details!...

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