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Interviews (English)

Wade Shuman

Interview with Wade Schuman (Hazmat Modine, english version)

Wade Schuman (Hazmat Modine) (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs - May 2012) Wade Schuman is Hazmat Modine's frontman and founder, an incredible 8-piece and two-harmonicas blues band from NYC that sounds truly like no other. These adventurous musicians use unusual instruments and pour countless musical traditions, sounds and influences in their musical recipe (African, Caribbean,...

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Interview with Skerik (English version)

Skerik (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs - April 2012) Skerik's discography is as easy to follow as an invisible tiger's trail in the melting snow... so do not even try. This untamable Seattle-born but ubiquitous saxophonist's output could be compared to John Zorn or Mike Patton's discography in that respect. Besides, he shares with the californian singer a common taste for noisy...

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Joe Woullard and Martin Perna

Interview with Joseph Woullard

Joseph Woullard (Black Joe Lewis, Hard Proof Afrobeat, Ocote Soul Sounds) (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs - March 2012) As SXSW 2012 begins, we've caught up with Austin talented sax and flute player Joseph Woullard. He plays in no less than 3 Austin bands (garage act Black Joe Lewis, afrobeat combo Hard Proof Afrobeat and afrolatin funksters Ocote Soul Sounds) and has a few gigs...

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Matt Halsall and Nat Birchall

Interview with Matthew Halsall and Nat Birchall (Gondwana Records)

Matthew Halsall & Nat Birchall (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs - March 2012) Nat Birchall: sax. Matthew Halsall: trumpet. Two men from the Manchester’s area brought together by a sole passion for modal jazz and a constant quest for Beauty. A unique friendship that goes beyond age gap and the kind of story that only happens in art or music. Imagine this, Nat celebrates 30 years...

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Mr Chop

Interview with Mr. Chop (Coz Littler, english version)

Mr. Chop (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs - March 2012) Those of you who have been following Paris DJs for years will know about Mr. Chop (aka Coz Littler) for sure. We've been supporting his music since the early days, from the outstanding EP 'Sounds From The Cave' (Jazz & Milk, 2008) up to his recent masterwork 'Switched On' (Now Again, 2011), one of our ten records of 2011 -...

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Interview with Adam Scrimshire (english version)

Adam Scrimshire (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs - February 2012) Maybe you're not familiar with the name of Scrimshire. No, it's not the name of a hidden british county (even if it could have been), but a new and young talented multi-instrumentalist from Rugby, England. Adam Scrimshire released a first and advisable record in 2009, Along Came The Devil One Night (Wah Wah 45s). A...

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The Natural Yogurt Band Miles Newbold

Interview with Miles Newbold / The Natural Yogurt Band (english version)

Miles Newbold / The Natural Yogurt Band (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs - May 2011) Everything began three years ago at the Music Library down to my house. There I met Gerald André, The Norvins’ drummer. “Hey Nicolas, you should listen to this, man. It’s very good and I think it’s really your stuff” he said, picking a CD from a shelf. On the sleeve were two men dressed like...

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Will Bernard

Interview with Will Bernard

Will Bernard (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau for Paris Djs, january 2012) Guitarist Will Bernard has just released an excellent new record (read Outdoor Living's review here). This album comes in an already brilliant and immaculate discography where jazz (Stanton Moore Trio), funk and soul meets reggae (Rockamovya) and… french bal musette (Baguette Quartette). The common denominator is a great...

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The Real Tuesday Weld

Interview with Stephen Coates (The Real Tuesday Weld, english version)

Stephen Coates (The Real Tuesday Weld) (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau for Paris Djs, january 2012) Stephen Coates is a man of many masks, illusions and smoke-and-mirrors. Under his weird female pseudonym The Real Tuesday Weld he’s released impossible-to-classify records since the end of the Twentieth Century. I, Lucifer (2004), The London Book Of the Dead (2007) and The End of The World (2008)...

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Interview with Adrian Quesada (english version)

Interview with Adrian Quesada (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau - April 2011) Adrian Quesada, one of the most interesting modern guitarists from funk afro/latino's Austin scene (Grupo Fantasma, Ocote Soul Sounds, Brownout) answers a few questions about his new project The Echocentrics.We've done a mix about Adrian Quesada that you can download here, we also have a photo shooting session by Jean...

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