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Interviews (English)

Hazmat Modine - Extra-Deluxe-Supreme

Interview with Wade Schuman (Hazmat Modine) #2

A few years ago we published an interview with Hazmat Modine frontman Wade Schuman just before their unforgettable show at Studio de l'Ermitage, Paris. They have just released a brand new album ('Extra-Deluxe-Supreme', maybe their best to date) loaded with great blues anthems and ballads. I was in New York City last October so I had the chance to meet Wade at his apartment in Harlem. We spent a...

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Mocky Key Change

Interview with Mocky

We last saw producer and multi-instrumentalist Mocky six years ago at an unforgettable show at the world's smallest cabaret, Le Zèbre de Belleville, in Paris. He was presenting the songs from his masterpiece 'Saskamodie'. Here at Paris DJs, the album has been in heavy rotation - and still is. Now Mocky has moved from Berlin to L.A. to embark on new musical adventures with local musicians. The...

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Masstropicas Discography

What's Up With Masstropicas ?

Masstropicas releases official reissues and archival finds of Peruvian music from the 60s and 70s. The label is run out of Pittsfield, MA and distributed by Light In The Attic out of Portland, OR. We had the chance to discuss with the label founder, Mike P., who cooked a special mix for us, and answered a few questions about each of his releases…. 2008 TROPIC 01 - What's up with 'Cumbia...

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Calibro 35 News 2013

What's Up With Calibro 35 ?

An email interview with Calibro 35 We left our favourite Italian funksters last year with their superb 'Any Ressemblance...' album, and have asked them a few questions about their recent releases, new album and single, and upcoming video... What's Up With Calibro 35 - September 2013 01. November 2012 - What's up with the 10 inch on Tannen Records, "Dalla Bovisa A Brooklyn" ? Never seen...

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What's Up With Shawn Lee ?

An email interview with Shawn Lee Hey Shawn! Just saw that you had a tour starting in september, so much has already happened on your side just for this year, we were wondering if you could answer a few questions… What's Up With Shawn Lee - September 2013 01. January 2013 - What's up with that new album on Pedigree Cuts, "Soul Food 2 Retro Vibes" ? "It's a classic old school Soul...

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Marco Benevento

Interview with Marco Benevento

Marco Benevento is a talented keyboardist from the New York jazz avant-groove scene. He's at ease on almost every existing genre (classy melodies, heavy psychedelic and electric sets in the manner of Miles Davis' electric period, pop, groove, funk, etc.) or keyboards' type. This brilliant improvisator is involved in a great variety of exciting projects and he co-founded the excellent Royal Potato...

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Interview with Vieux Farka Touré

One year after his last release, the electric The Secret (Six Degrees Records), Vieux Farka Touré makes a comeback with Israeli pianist extraordinaire Idan Raichel. The Touré-Raichel Collective has just released an outstanding 100% improvised record simply called 'The Tel Aviv sessions' (Cumbancha). It's a beauty beyond words, the kind of magic that makes music so special. The story is now quite...

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Masta Conga Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra

A short interview & blind-test with Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra

The latest Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra album Last Odyssey is "Sounding like deep and groovy black jazz with a timeless universality", "heavily recommended to all jazz fans who'll peel it off year after year"… Well that was the conclusion of my review but I also had the chance to meet with Masta Conga, percussionist and conductor of the project, ask him a few short questions...

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Chicha Libre

Interview with Olivier Conan (Chicha Libre, english version)

Olivier Conan - (Chicha Libre, english version) (Interview by Nicolas Ragonneau, for Paris DJs - May 2012) Olivier Conan is Chicha Libre frontman, cuatro player and singer, a NYC band delivering a unique peruvian psychedelic cumbia-surf music-chanson française-pop & classical cocktail. Chicha Libre's first album (Sonido Amazonico, Barbès Records / Crammed Records) was a true 2008 revelation....

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Clutchy Hopkins by Pablo Peiker

Clutchy Hopkins - The Interview That Never Happened

Clutchy Hopkins - The Interview That Never Happened Questions by Djouls & Nicolas Ragonneau for Paris DJs, early 2012 Who is Clutchy Hopkins? The question still remains unanswered. We met with Shawn Lee in Paris this month, and asked him about his tweet saying he was representing Clutchy Hopkins for booking purposes… The man smiled and replied that he had no idea what we were talking about....

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