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Digital Releases

Franck Biyong Liyomba

Franck Biyong - Liyomba (Digital Single, Afrolectric Music/Paris DJs, 2014)

LIYOMBA: TIME TO DANCE. The late Jean-François Bizot (Actuel/Radio Nova…) used to say: "Expect the unexpected". Well that's exactly what what you can expect from this brand new single from Cameroonian instrumentalist, singer, composer and producer Franck Biyong, paving the way for an Afrolectric invasion... 'Liyomba' opens with high-energy screeches and thumps that won't let you go....

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Grant Phabao Reggae Reworks Vol 5 Sisters Of Soul

Grant Phabao Reggae Reworks Vol.5 - Sisters Of Soul

Fifth in the series of 'Reggae Reworks', 'Sisters Of Soul' gathers four Grant Phabao reggae & ska remixes from the Paris DJs 'Virtual Releases' podcast, featuring a quatuor of fantastic ladies of soul from today: Dionne Charles, Josa Peit, Selah Sue and Laura Vane....

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Antoine Berjeaut WasteLand feat Mike Ladd Remix LP

Antoine Berjeaut WasteLand feat. Mike Ladd - Remix LP (CD/Digital album, Paris DJs)

French trumpeter and composer Antoine Berjeaut presents 'WasteLand Remix LP'. Two month after his debut album as a leader on Fresh Sound New Talent Rec 'WasteLand Feat. Mike Ladd', juggling with contemporary jazz, beat music and electronic live sounds, Antoine Berjeaut expand the realms of spiritual jazz through a brand new 'Remix LP'. The music freely unfolds at the frontier of Beat music scene,...

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The Beta Club Brassa Nova Grant Phabao Remix

The Beta Club - Brassa Nova (Grant Phabao Remix) (Digital Single, Cartel Records/Paris DJs, 2014)

UK-based collective with branches in L.A., N.Y., San Francisco & Paris, The Beta Club is back with a new joint release from the Cartel Records UK and Paris DJs labels. This second single is a follow-up to the first one released a few months ago on a limited 45. A reggae-fied take on their 'Brassa Nova' scorcher, gloriously remixed by French producer Grant Phabao into a post-summer balearic...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Killas Thrillas and Chillas Foot Stompers and Freaky Soul Vol 1

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Killas, Thrillas & Chillas - Foot Stompers & Freaky Soul Vol.1 (Digital compilation, Paris DJs , 2014)

'Killas, Thrillas and Chillas' is already the 9th compilation coming out on Paris DJs. It's a big step for the label, their first excursion into Soul/Funk territories, and a first volume in the 'Foot Stompers and Freaky Soul' series, while two follow-ups are already in the plans. This compilation is litteraly all over the place, but musically very coherent. With chunks of diabolously funky...

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The Downtown Rulers Club EP

The Downtown Rulers Club - EP (Digital Single, Paris DJs, 2014)

The Downtown Rulers Club tips its hat to a vast genealogy of soul music from hard-hitting JB funk, to classic Motown, and more recent neo-soul. The brainchild of Beto Martínez (guitar) of critically acclaimed Brownout and Grammy Award-winning Grupo Fantasma, and Alex Chávez (vocals and B3 Hammond) - seasoned member of both the Austin and Chicago music scenes - The Downtown Rulers Club’s stripped...

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Grant Phabao presents RacecaR - Return Of The Dig-Fu

Grant Phabao presents RacecaR - Return Of The Dig-Fu (Digital Single, Paris DJs, 2014)

Chicago-born MC RacecaR & French producer Grant Phabao met at Paris DJs' studio, thanks to an introduction from hip hop activist Miska with whom the French label has been doing hip hop-themed compilations this year. They decided to try something new together. Grant Phabao had never produced any hip hop artist before. And RacecaR had never tried to write and record on afrofunk or reggae music...

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Grant Phabao Reggae Reworks Vol 4 Solid Gold B-Boys

Grant Phabao Reggae Reworks Vol.4 - Solid Gold B-Boys

Fourth in a series of five free EPs collecting the best reggae reworks from the Paris DJs Virtual Releases podcast in high-quality audio, entirely produced, mixed and newly remastered by French superproducer Grant Phabao, 'Solid Gold B-Boys' gathers four reworks of indie Hip Hop artists from the USA, Uk and France: N.A.S.A., Ty and Versus. Those four reggae reworks have generated more than 20.000...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol 5

Paris DJs Soundsystem - A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand - Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International Vol.5 (Digital Compilation, Paris DJs)

Calling all intergalactic Afro-funk cosmonauts and tropical grooves aficionados !! After exploring GOODNESS, FIRE, WARRIOR and ELECTRIC themes, Paris DJs felt it was time to concentrate their research on the UNITY concept, on the global cultural unity that is expressed through all strands of groovy, funky, psychedelic and moving afrofunk, afrobeat, ethio-jazz, highlife, afrojazz, afrosoul,...

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Spirituality and the Supernatural Kaleidoscopic Jazz and Mind Bending Poetry

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Spirituality & The Supernatural - Kaleidoscopic Jazz & Mind Bending Poetry (Digital compilation, Paris DJs, 2014)

'Spirituality and the Supernatural - Kaleidoscopic Jazz & Mind-Bending Poetry is the 6th compilation coming out on the Paris DJs label, and the second one in a Hip Hop series co-curated with Paris-based international Hip Hop activist Miska. While the previous volume was on psychedelic tip, this new selection is all about Hip Hop incorporating jazz influences. By email, phone, through websites...

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